The Bucket List

I may as well dedicate a whole page to this bad boy as it’s so long and I need to keep crossing things off. Here goes….

Théa’s Bucket List – December 2013

1) Swim with dolphins (Pretty standard but not necessarily difficult to complete?)
2) Fly in a hot air balloon
3) Bungee jump over a river
4) Jump off of Riverside’s top diving board (You may laugh but I am PETRIFIED of heights and I have to eventually conquer this childhood fear)
5) Eat a battered Mars bar
6) Eat a full Indian meal (I hate the smells of the spices but people find me strange for disliking it)
7) Visit the Taj Mahal
8) Walk the Great Wall of China
9) ‘Attend’ Munich Beer Festival (I mean get battered there!)
10) Visit Stockholm
11) Live in another country (Definitely an important one, for everyone)
12) Go to Rio Carnival
13) Go back to Thailand (Because I’ve never fallen in love with a country like I did Thailand)
14) Visit Fiji
15) See Death Cab For Cutie in concert
16) Stay in an extravagant hotel (Hot tub and bath in the room and room service would be beautiful)
17) Newspaper and dog poo trick (Curtosy of Mr Vince Brown)
18) Go back to Lanzorote and listen to George Michael on the balcony (great childhood memories….)
19) Go to a Michelin star restaurant
20) Go to Gauchos
21) Go to the Bavarian Restaurant in London (I’m a crout at heart)
22) Rent a cute cottage in Ireland with a log fire
23) Go on the London Eye
24) Have a baguette in front of the Eiffel Tower
25) Watch the Sunrise at Angkor Watt
26) Visit the Amazon Rainforest
27)  Make a 3 tiered cake
28) Cut my hair really short (because I’m always too much of a wimp)
29) Milk a cow
30) Watch a Live Grand Prix Race
31) Try Haggis
32) Feed a penguin (because they are so cute!)
33) See the Northern Lights
34) Get a ride with a Husky
35) Sleep in an Ice Bed in the Ice Hotel in Sweden (Google it – you’ll want to after too)
36) Go to the Ice Bar
37) Visit Auschwitz
38) Try a joint in Amsterdam
39) Hold a star fish
40) Run a Half Marathon
41) Run a Marathon
42) Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
43) Take a Mud Bath
44) Take a Gondola in Venice
45) Swim with a Great White (In a cage – I’m not that brave)
46) Snorkel / Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

47) Go on a Safari
48) Walk through Central Park in New York
49) Go to a PROPER Christmas market (none of these British City wannabes)
50) Swim with Turtles
51) Whale Watch
52) Visit Every Continent
53) Have a pint of Guinness in Ireland
54) Learn how to make chocolate
55) Try Sushi
56) Jump off of a cliff into the sea
57) Pull an all-nighter
58) Visit the ruins in Athens
59) Go to a pottery class
60) Take part in the London Triathlon
61) Drink Champagne in a Hot Tub
62) Go to the Tomato Festival in Spain
63) Watch all 3 Lord of the Rings movies
64) Ski in Canada (it’s supposed to be a beautiful country)
65) Watch a Baseball Game
66) Watch an American Football Game
67) Go to a Rugby game
68) Visit Argentina’s Igazu Falls
69) Ride a Tandem
70) Become completely fluent in German
71) Read all 7 Harry Potter’s
72) Stay in a log cabin
73) Truly enjoy a job
74) Take ‘couples’ pictures in a photobooth
75) Go on a Road Trip
76) Visit the Harry Potter Studios
77) Graduate
78) Complete a Will of Iron
79) Marry the love of my life

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