Bucket List Adventures Rises From The Deadru

Woah…a post!!?? Say whaaaat?

This blog hasn’t been touched in months because…I GOT MARRIED! On Saturday 20th June this year I married my best friends and now, gorgeous husband. It was the greatest day of my life and I hope that my health allows me to keep my memories of this day until I pass. It was a beautiful day, with lots of tears, smiles and fizzy beverages (of course 😉 ).

Here is my new husband and I on the big day…


I had the most magical of days, I honestly felt like a princess! Every time I think about the day I get butterflies. I literally wouldn’t change a thing (except some of the bridesmaids….that is for another story). I can honestly say I love this boy with all of my heart and I hope to be drinking Merlot with him in our back garden at 75, bitching about the people this world is ruined by and adoring the beautiful nature that the world has given us.

Anyway, soppiness over. Lets get to my other updates.

1) I saw Death Cab for Cutie two weeks before the wedding – 
honestly, it felt amazing to be there, to be among people who enjoy the same music and same ambience as you do when listening to them. There is something in the music that makes the listeners just captivated and calm. I guess I’ve been to too many Blink 182 gigs with moshing teenagers and this was just a lovely eye opener that people can enjoy music the adult way.

2) I stayed in an extravagant hotel – for our ‘mini moon’, Ben and I jetted off to Venice. Those of you who don’t know about Venice, it’s a tiny, what I would call Island, off of Italy. Of course it is still bursting with all of Italy’s iconic plus points; great food, gorgeous specimens, relaxed way of life and beautiful, beautiful drink but is also home to some insane architecture. I had huge high hopes for Venice and I wasn’t let down. I guess we could’ve gone for a shorter trip, the ‘island’ was a lot smaller than I’d hoped but as we were there to finally chill out, it was perfect for long evening strolls, extended dinners with a little too much prosecco and way too much pizza. I picked a hotel that had a hot-tub on the roof and on arrival they gave us cake and the fizzy good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it but Ben and I are happy to slum it in hostels and cheap hotels for city breaks, but this was on another level. I’m glad we blew our budget for this trip.


3) Whilst in Venice, we took a Gondala ride – much to mine and my tight arse husband’s back pocket, we took an 80 Euro Gondala ride. We are both pretty good with our money in general but I think were both reluctant to get on one. It was a good one to cross off the list, but being taken down the stinky back alleys of Venice wasn’t a great way to spend 80 euros in 30 minutes! I guess I’m glad I’ve done it, but a boat tour we took for much less money, which lasted around 2-3 hours, around all of Venice was much better value for money and also allowed you to see the glorious, imposing buildings that ancient Venice had to offer. Honestly, I wouldn’t do it again but I guess it was on my bucket list and ‘when in Rome’ n all that!

So it’s not a huge life update, I’ve done other stuff in between. Like eat 1000x more calories than I should, went on my pal’s crazy hen do to Ibiza, done a load more work on the house, reinvented my attitude towards my degree, which was slowly diminishing in the last few months of 2014. I feel like I’m back, with the time and the positive attitude that I need for this blog. I have a lot of ideas but I’m not sure quite just yet what to do with them. Youtube, WordPress or just a little notebook in my handbag, but somewhere I’ll be able to find a release for my thoughts.

I hope you’re all doing well and if you want a full post on my wedding, let me know in the comments! I didn’t want to bombard you with photos as to me they’re really special but to others they’re just a random lass on the internet’s wedding pictures.



100 Things To Make Me Smile

After being a complete write-off day for being in a foul mood yesterday, I decided after browsing a few blogs that I should make a list of things that make me happy. It really is good therapy, it cheered me up and made me realise that negative emotions are no help to anyone. It also opened my eyes to how lucky I am.

Just because I need to let this out somewhere, the reason I was in a foul mood is because my other half and I have just had an offer accepted on a house! We found out Tuesday and called our families in excitement and every except his mother were really happy for us. She didn’t congratulate us, she was point blank rude about it all. She still hasn’t apologised and it was grating on me all of yesterday. (Just to add: she still hasn’t apologised)

My 100 Happy List  🙂

1. Listening to the rain pour down your windows or conservatory while you’re tucked up in bed
2. Having a fire at my parents house (this is me with Klausey enjoying the fire, very hungover)












3. Taking dogs for long walks in the fields in Summer

4. The smell of my Mum’s cooking especially her Roast Dinner’s

5. Prosecco – it definitely has to be one of my favourites

6. Travelling and Exploring

7. Trying new things

8. Going out for dinner

9. Singing really loudly to songs in my car in the summer with the windows down, driving fast

10. Learning new languages ❤

11. Ben us on holiday before going out on the cat













12. Cooking ..when I actually get a good few hours to cook something a little more difficult

13. Baking..again, when I actually get the time (Postman Pat)










14.  Sleeping, being a light sleeper I don’t get those beautiful long sleeps

15. The feeling of accomplishment after a long run

16. Hot baths in the Winter months

17. Skiing somewhere in France….












18. Foreigners – they bring you so much insight to other cultures and teach you things you’d never learn in your own country and way of life

19. When little kids laugh from their bellies

20. Kisses and cuddles from my niece and nephews

21. Dancing with my Daddy

22. Reading, anything and everything

23. Me time!!!!!!

24. Chocolate – I am a chocoholic

25. Feeling fit and healthy

26. A good girly gossip

27. Crisps and Dip mmmmmm….foood

28. Lying on the thai beaches, with a beer, listening to the music from the beach shacks – you cannot beat it

29. Achieving a goal

30. My brothers lots of loving for these three












31. Positivity

32. Listening to someone speak about their passions in life

33. Learning

34. Penguins – cutest animals ever

35. Sunbathing – I am such a sun worshipper, I have too many bikinis (yes I do live in the U.K, keeping up my addiction without faking it/giving myself a deadly disease is hard)

36. Getting dressed up for a big night out with the girls












37. CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS – note that we actually put on a Christmas CD in the office today because we were getting too excited. It’s only 8 months away 🙂

38. Snow it’s so beautiful

39. Surprises

40. Taylor Swift, Ryan Cabrera…those kind of easy listening artists after a hard day

41. Cocktails with the girls

42. A good night when I don’t throw up getting smashed with the girls

43. Massages

44. Lying on the beach just listening to the sea coming in

45. Muddy walks in the woods with wellies

46. Camping

47. Pub lunches

48. Lists

49. Crossing items off f my bucket list

50. Doing the food shop…so much control mwhahaha

51. Big bbq gatherings

52. Klaus my parents dog in the picture above 

53. People who count their blessings and not their misfortunes

54. Snorkelling












55.  Old Photos and Memories

56. Germany, German’s, German food and anything German!

57. Watching Harry Potter DVD’s when I’m hungover and feeling sorry for myself

58. The variety that comes with a pic-a-mix

59. A new tattoo or piercing

60. The fact we’ve bought our new house together ❤

61. The countryside

62. Shopping

63. Cleanly shaven legs

64. Fresh, crunchy bed sheets

65. Hotel rooms

66. My old secondary school

67. Compliments

68. Packages waiting for me when I return from a bad day at work

69. Beautiful flowers

70. Reminiscing

71. Weddings

72. Astrology and anything related to my star sign

73. Chicken Dipper Marathons with Harriet

74. Mario Kart Marathons with Hollie

75. Day-drinking with G and Biz

76. The feeling that I have my whole life ahead of me to learn new things, make mistakes and love life

77. Trashy American shows like The O.C, Gossip Girl and Laguna Beach – want their lives

78. A fresh haircut

79. The smell of freshly cut grash

80. Seeing my friends and family happy

81. Fast food when in dire need of crawling out of a hangover

82. Finishing work at 5pm on a Friday

83. Getting good feedback and scores for my assignments

84. Being at an airport

85. Music.

86. Green, green and more green.

87. Thailand……no other words needed










88. Festivals











89. Live Music

90. Underwear shopping

91. The feeling of butterflies I hate actual butterflies, or anything that flys

92. Unlimited options mmm

93. Made In Chelsea – my weakness opps

94. Big family gatherings









95. Cute summer dresses

96. The smell of Chanel Bleu on my boy

97. Meeting new people, from all walks of life

98. Having a strange name

99. Waking up before your alarm

100. Being happy