Poorly Tay Tay

What unlucky person gets their 5th cold of the year 2 weeks before Christmas but more importantly 3 days before a holiday? Oh wait, ME! I know I sound like a Moaning Mertle but my last cold lasted for 10 weeks, which only buggered off at the start of November…and now I’ve had another one attack my face.

So yes, I’m less than happy to say the least!

However, I’m trying to stay on the positive side because there are people out there who struggle to breathe everyday, not just when they have a pathetic cold. It’s times like these when I normally start to put things into perspective. Friends that have acted childish, deliveries of clothes that haven’t turned up, my weight which just won’t shift…how can I moan about these juvenile problems when there are people out their struggling for their lives right now?

I live with and am going to marry a paramedic so I often hear stories of people losing limbs, seconds of their lives and even their own children. It has really opened my eyes to being such a grumpy, moody soul and made me really try and appreciate everything in life, even down to silly things like being able to type this!

I want everyone reading this who has something on their mind, something bothering them, something that’s upsetting them to just take a step back and think of those people in hospital tonight, those people who are praying that someone makes it through, those people who will never be able to hear or see their children play again. Just think how fortunate you are to be breathing okay, to be happy and healthy.

That is all ❤


My Birthday Weekend / Booze Britain

So yesterday was my birthday which in comparison to the rest of my long weekend was pretty tame. Ben took me to dinner to an incredible Italian restaurant in the middle of a nearby village which I’d never heard of. The service was amazing and I funnily enough made room for all 3 courses hehe!

I best explain my wild weekend from the start. So as you know, my exam finished Friday and to celebrate I had a few glasses of prosecco and pizza, just a chilled night really. Saturday was a huge rush in the morning, the weather was up to it’s usual indecisive tricks so we made the brave decision to host our bbq, which turned out to be a great shout. Once we’d sorted everything and I could finally chill out, the booze was flowing, the bbq was lit and the rain decided to grace us with his presence – great.

It didn’t deter anyone though and by the looks of these photos, it really did not stop me enjoying myself. So yeh, this happened.



There are worse one’s, these are pretty tame. I didn’t any pictures of my friends, these were just some of Nikki’s! When it rained we had about 15 of us in our tiny living room…a call for drinking games I felt. That lovely picture of me with a pot on my head when me and Nikki decided to joust listening to Blink 182. Hilarious times….

….the hangover on Sunday, not so hilarious. So this is when I’d booked to go to the Ice Bar in London. One of my Bucket List Adventures. It did not disappoint! But to get over my hangover I had to drink through it, big error. We ended up in a karaoke bar near Stratford, missed out last train and I was pretty much nearly sick when we eventually got home.

All in all a big birthday weekend to remember, but to also reflect on. Now I’m 23 I feel like I should really reel in my drinking and up my fitness and clean eating. If anyone has any clean eating recipes for me, I’d be so greatful, or any fitness/food tips for that matter. I love a varied diet but because I’m eating clean I don’t want to have to rotate 4-5 meals and that’s it.

Anyway, best be off to stretch from my first run as a 23 year old (red sweaty mess)! Here are a few photos from The Ice Bar 🙂ImageImageImage