Bucket List: Update (kind of)

So guys, I think it’s finally time I got round to doing this post, a post that it’s really what my blog is all about – ticking off things from my Bucket List.

On reflection of 2015, on New Year’s Eve infact, someone said to me, ‘surely you had a great year, you got married!?’ I’m sorry pal but just because I got married doesn’t mean it’s been the greatest year of all, what about the year I got engaged or the year I met Ben? In general I don’t really like New Year’s so I was a bit grumpy and replied with, ‘it wasn’t the greatest’, but when I actually looked back at my memories (by that I mean my Facebook and Instagram photos) I have actually had a pretty damn good year.

However, as I look over that list now, which I haven’t updated since maybe July, I haven’t ticked off one item (except number 79 which I’d totally forgotten – 79) Marry the love of my life – opps, sorry Ben!)

79) Marry the love of my life  



Towards the end of the year, I was really down and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Was it because of the family arguments erupting every 5 minutes? Maybe. Was it because my parents weren’t going to be around for Christmas? Maybe. Was it because I was trying to do 50 million things all at once to better myself, to prove to myself (and maybe others) I wasn’t just coasting through life? Yes. And I learnt the hard way.

Tay, you cannot burn the candle at both ends.

So it got me thinking about the things I’d like to achieve in 2016, goals which are both realistic and unrealistic and the latter of the two, how can I break these down? So I had a thought. Instead of setting myself big goals, I will give myself a goal a week to try and get myself in a place that I want to be by the end of 2016 without putting any pressure on myself.

Last year I was compiling lists of books I needed to read, lists of blog posts I needed to write but never actually getting the time to do either. I was stressing myself out at wanting to get things done then the pressure of all of this getting on top of me. I fell out with a friend and became bitter about sharing my friendship and love with others. This year, I want to break that mould. I will be leaving people who make little or no effort or bring bad negativity into my sensitive mind back in 2015!

I haven’t quite thought up my whole 52 weeks of what I want to change, I have a couple of course but again, I don’t want to commit to anything that will put pressure on me. Last year I realised I am not someone who copes well with pressure and having to tick boxes; sure, I love a to-do list but in reality my little Gemini mind likes to float and go with how I’m feeling in the moment. If I don’t want to sit and write for half an hour but instead go for a walk on my own, I’ll do it. If I don’t want to go to a see a half-hearted friend because they’re back and need to kill some time, I won’t. I want to make real effort with those who care and push away the people who cause me drama. I HATE DRAMA.

With that in mind, Week 1 of 2016 – drink at least 2 litres of water a day and try to increase this after exercising. A little goal for me as I look at my reflection in the mirror day after day and I’m not so sure what my skin needs; after hours of wasting my life googling it, water seems to be the first step! It will improve my concentration, my mood and hopefully my energy levels! I downloaded an app called My Water to help me do this which I’ve been using over Christmas and shock horror have been failing miserably to meet my 2L target. This week is about actively hydrating myself to see if I notice any difference with the physical and mental state of my body.

Bottoms up!


Being someone who is also into sport and unfortunately suffers from body dysmorphia, I of course have set myself some other physical challenges. Instead of ‘oh I want to loose X amount of weight’, I’ve signed up to The London Duathlon, 2 half marathons, the London Tri and……a Half Ironman! I know, what am I playing at? My thought process was that not only would I love to achieve completing many of these ‘races’ but on the way I will be losing belly fat, discipling myself with alcohol and food and also enjoying the sports that really give me a buzz. If I have a goal, I can’t deter as I will need to keep training. So, watch this space 😉

What are your New Year’s goals/ resolutions / plans?

Tell me about them below 🙂

Bucket List Adventures Rises From The Deadru

Woah…a post!!?? Say whaaaat?

This blog hasn’t been touched in months because…I GOT MARRIED! On Saturday 20th June this year I married my best friends and now, gorgeous husband. It was the greatest day of my life and I hope that my health allows me to keep my memories of this day until I pass. It was a beautiful day, with lots of tears, smiles and fizzy beverages (of course 😉 ).

Here is my new husband and I on the big day…


I had the most magical of days, I honestly felt like a princess! Every time I think about the day I get butterflies. I literally wouldn’t change a thing (except some of the bridesmaids….that is for another story). I can honestly say I love this boy with all of my heart and I hope to be drinking Merlot with him in our back garden at 75, bitching about the people this world is ruined by and adoring the beautiful nature that the world has given us.

Anyway, soppiness over. Lets get to my other updates.

1) I saw Death Cab for Cutie two weeks before the wedding – 
honestly, it felt amazing to be there, to be among people who enjoy the same music and same ambience as you do when listening to them. There is something in the music that makes the listeners just captivated and calm. I guess I’ve been to too many Blink 182 gigs with moshing teenagers and this was just a lovely eye opener that people can enjoy music the adult way.

2) I stayed in an extravagant hotel – for our ‘mini moon’, Ben and I jetted off to Venice. Those of you who don’t know about Venice, it’s a tiny, what I would call Island, off of Italy. Of course it is still bursting with all of Italy’s iconic plus points; great food, gorgeous specimens, relaxed way of life and beautiful, beautiful drink but is also home to some insane architecture. I had huge high hopes for Venice and I wasn’t let down. I guess we could’ve gone for a shorter trip, the ‘island’ was a lot smaller than I’d hoped but as we were there to finally chill out, it was perfect for long evening strolls, extended dinners with a little too much prosecco and way too much pizza. I picked a hotel that had a hot-tub on the roof and on arrival they gave us cake and the fizzy good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it but Ben and I are happy to slum it in hostels and cheap hotels for city breaks, but this was on another level. I’m glad we blew our budget for this trip.


3) Whilst in Venice, we took a Gondala ride – much to mine and my tight arse husband’s back pocket, we took an 80 Euro Gondala ride. We are both pretty good with our money in general but I think were both reluctant to get on one. It was a good one to cross off the list, but being taken down the stinky back alleys of Venice wasn’t a great way to spend 80 euros in 30 minutes! I guess I’m glad I’ve done it, but a boat tour we took for much less money, which lasted around 2-3 hours, around all of Venice was much better value for money and also allowed you to see the glorious, imposing buildings that ancient Venice had to offer. Honestly, I wouldn’t do it again but I guess it was on my bucket list and ‘when in Rome’ n all that!

So it’s not a huge life update, I’ve done other stuff in between. Like eat 1000x more calories than I should, went on my pal’s crazy hen do to Ibiza, done a load more work on the house, reinvented my attitude towards my degree, which was slowly diminishing in the last few months of 2014. I feel like I’m back, with the time and the positive attitude that I need for this blog. I have a lot of ideas but I’m not sure quite just yet what to do with them. Youtube, WordPress or just a little notebook in my handbag, but somewhere I’ll be able to find a release for my thoughts.

I hope you’re all doing well and if you want a full post on my wedding, let me know in the comments! I didn’t want to bombard you with photos as to me they’re really special but to others they’re just a random lass on the internet’s wedding pictures.


Own 2015

Happy New Year to you all!

How did you all spend your New Year’s? Were you hanging out of your arse’s and eating bad food or were you straight down the gym and having a cleansing smoothie?

I have to say I was pretty much between the two! I ended up going to a house party which was pretty fun but I tried to make sure I didn’t get too drunk so I could attempt a 7 mile run – the effort was there guys, I got dressed around half 11 after slobbing in bed all morning, headed out but could only manage just under 2 miles, what a massive fail! I was sick (which I’m pretty sure may have been the alcohol) and I was running pretty quick to get home to the toilet – not good. But I did try and eat a little better yesterday and drunk lots of water.

My mission for today is to get that 7 miler done. I’ve signed up to two half’s this year, one of which I now can’t do as my fiancé booked us tickets to the Athletics in Birmingham that weekend and I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had Brighton Half Marathon on the Sunday – for those of you who don’t know, getting to Brighton from Birmingham for a half 8 start would mean leaving at stupid o’clock and my body wouldn’t have been fully prepped. Which is a massive shame as I’ve not run in the Brighton half, I’ll have to sign up for next year instead 🙂

As it is a New Year and every New Year I like to set myself goals rather than resolutions as most people are more likely to stick to a ‘goal’, I’d thought I’d share what I’m going to try and achieve this year.

[1] Complete 5-8 more entries on my Bucket List – this one for me is important. Why have a Bucket List and not bother actually living the experiences you’ve always wanted?

[2] Get back to Half Marathon fitness – I don’t really have a choice on this one, not that I wouldn’t want to do it but as I’ve signed up for two (now one) half marathon, I need to make sure I’m going to be fit enough to complete these without injury. I wanna own sport this year, not only for my body’s sake but for myself. That reminds me: I’ve got to contact my old coach and a potential new one for the Athletics season too!

[3] Start treating my teeth with respect – the more I look at other people’s teeth, especially the older generation, the more I’m frightened that I’ve let this lack of respect go on for too long! The amount of damage I must’ve already caused with the amount of sugar I consume is beyond repair. But what I can do is prevent anymore damage. Ben got an electric toothbrush from my parents for Christmas so I’ve bought a head for it so I can use it too, it comes with this cute little timer which lets you know when you’ve spent long enough on one section of your mouth – it’s surprising how long you actually should spend brushing your teeth! I’ve also got some teeth whitening strips that I wanna give a bash, hopefully sort out the colour a little too.

[4] Turn my diet into a useful one – as you know from all of my ranting and raving, I am always ill. This year I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of my food, with lots of nutrients and vitamins to help me and also getting the right fuel for my running an exercising. This one will be pretty hard as we still have the Christmas shite still in the cupboard but I’m pretty sure Ben may be able to take some into his work and it’ll be eaten up straight away!

[5] Spend more time with my future husband – this is a given. Since moving we’ve barely spent any time in our new home which is a massive shame. I love it here and we moved here for the beautiful countryside, the benefits of being able to cycle without less traffic, talk long walks in the sun and have generally less people around us (unsocial crones!) but we haven’t had the chance to make the most of it! He’s been staying at his parents a lot what with still working in Essex, but now his transfer is scheduled for next week, I’m so excited to have some us time back!

[6] Say no – I am a sucker for saying ‘yes’ to every plan that gets thrown my way. I don’t like letting people down and I have a real time management problem. I need to learn to say to people ‘no’ as I still have other work and Uni work commitments which are more important. In the past I have been guilty for knowing I have an essay due in the next week but still seeing different friends on both weekend days then moaning I haven’t seen Ben and consequently giving myself 48 hours to get the work done! I guess this one is also about learning to manage my time better!

[7] Read 30 books across 2015 – as you can see in one of my latest posts about my most re-read books, I have so many unread books that I want to read but never allow myself the time to do so. This year I’m setting myself the goal of getting through 30 books to make sure that I can actually read the books in my beautiful mini library. I love buying the books themselves and get excited to read them, but the day-to-day running of my life doesn’t normally allow to get much personal reading done. So this is my target for this year.

I’d love to know about your resolutions and goals! I did actually have 10 but I thought 10 would be greedy and quite hard to reach.

Although everyone has been saying ‘this is gonna be my year’, I sort of agree.

This year I will:
– be getting married
– going on a surprise hen do
– taking Ben to the place I grew up skiing
– honeymooning (twice) 😛
– wine tasting
– weekend awaying
– camping
– exploring our new area
and much much more! So I have lots to look forward to.

Here’s to 2015 guys, make sure you own it too!


Bucket List Update – 2014

I’ve got a few ‘end of year / new start’ themed posts lined up to write, which is unusual for me to be thinking about as I am such a NYE Grinch. I think there’s so much pressure for you to go to an awesome party, be around all of your friends AND family and try to live up to the saying, ‘how you spend NYE is how you’ll spend the next year’. Well to be quite frank I’d rather sit in drinking a bottle of wine and eating cheese and if that means I’ll be doing that for 2015, I will not be moaning!

But alas I’m being dragged out to a party where none of my friends will be seen as they’re all in different places this year so it makes sense to see all of Ben’s friends! So I’m putting my foot down and hosting a New Years party next year. My friends and I haven’t spent a NY’s together in…ever? We couldn’t do it this year as we’re having works done the house and the ground floor is so cold you pretty much have to wear a coat and slippers as soon as you walk down the stairs – not cool.

Rather than talking about my resolutions in this post, I will save that for maybe tomorrow or a week from now as my post timings have become really irregular due to the fact I have been crazy busy over the ‘relaxing’ Christmas period. Instead, I’m going to look back at the whole reason I made this blog – My Bucket List.

I started this blog last year with the intention to get 5-8 things ticked off of my bucket list each year…let’s see how I did…

22) Rent a cute cottage in Ireland with a log fire

So this one involved Ben’s proposal, a holiday and discovering S.West Ireland – which by the way is incredibly beautiful and some bike rides to remember. We went away on June 26th and he proposed on the 27th! A date to remember 🙂



36) Go to the Ice Bar

I completed this one with the help of two of my best friends to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately I was horrendously hungover from my birthday bbq at our old house, so getting the motivation to get up and get a train was proving to be somewhat of a mission. I think that morning has got the be the most hungover I’ve been in 2014. I’ll take my bow 🙂


40) Run a Half Marathon

In March of this year I completed the Silverstone Half Marathon, my first half marathon of hopefully quite a few, if my body decides that it will allow me to push myself this much! I really loved this day, I can’t lie it was harsh conditions with a lot of wind and considering I was injured the week before, I didn’t fancy my chances. I completed this in 1hr 59, which I was happy with as my goal was sub 2hrs! Woohoo! We celebrated with wine and steak that night at one of my favourite restaurants. Check out this tired, sweaty mess !


49) Go to a PROPER Christmas market (none of these British City wannabes)

As featured in one of my recent blog posts we visited Cologne, Germany just before Christmas which was incredible. As this is still pretty fresh for the blog, go check out the page as I won’t bore you with the details I’ve written in the past fortnight.

53) Have a pint of Guinness in Ireland

Again, this one I completed on our holiday where Ben proposed in Ireland. I had tried Guiness before this point but really hated the stuff. But I felt it had to be done – when in Rome and all that!


61) Drink Champagne in a Hot Tub

This one was a bit of a cheat because my friends and I actually had Prosecco. But if I’m honest I actually prefer the stuff, it’s so much easier to drink – dangerous. The hot tub was rented out for my bestie’s little sister’s birthday as a surprise, so once she’d got over the novelty of the hot tub, we took our chance and had a night in there! It was pretty sweet actually, I felt like a rich and famous person. I know hot tub’s aren’t too expensive but I don’t think I’d ever want to invest in one, especially now we’ve moved to Suffolk!


SIX! I managed to complete 6, which is pretty much the goal I wanted last year – I’m happy with that one. One of my resolutions is to get through a few more of these next year, I have a few in mind, can you guess which ones?

If you’re struggling for a New Year’s Resolution, I suggest making a Bucket List and trying to get through 5-10 each year, it’s such a fun way to make sure you’re not wasting your life. I am constantly adding to mine throughout the year when I remember something I am desperate to do!

Did you guys tick anything off of your Bucket List this year?

Happy New Year!! (It’s taken a lot for me to say this so be nice) 🙂

Köln – Part II

I’m still in awe of this beautiful city. As I’ve gone to write this post I’ve flicked back through all of our photos we took last week and Köln truly was incredible It is such a Théa city, that’s the only way I can describe it. I cannot believe it was only Tuesday we came back though, it feels like ages ago – time is flying too fast and I don’t like it!

Now I want to show you guys all of our other ‘non-boring’ photos as my brother nicely described our Facebook photo album. Isn’t he nice? Please be warned, some of these were taken on my phone so the quality isn’t outstanding.

Also, it may look like I wore the same outfit every day, I didn’t, just the same warm (head-turning) boots and coat during the day as I cannot cope with feeling cold, my circulation especially to my feet is dire.

DSC01454 DSC01468 DSC01467 DSC01466

DSC01485 DSC01486 DSC01489 DSC01512 DSC01514 DSC01531 DSC01554 DSC01563

1385948_10154923963230099_262201215029033824_n 1510824_10154923958640099_1317426824983763138_n 1535387_10154923967950099_1692883918592827574_n 1979592_10154923963805099_6802260362597902559_n 10313442_10154923959785099_9046161516015570612_n 10423302_10154923965600099_7249274472471637408_n 10423833_10154923959040099_3907029820633942762_n 10612952_10154923961215099_3195356971884096504_n 10696259_10154923964410099_1542724762666917218_n 10850097_10154923962600099_5083168714547446926_n 10858377_10154923966900099_6129368352037479131_n 10858452_10154923958480099_239757844883130512_n 10868271_10154923967175099_5904453722295920999_n

As you can see I found the best wine glass in the world (vase but I immediately thought wine), we drank a hell’a’lot of beer and ate amazing German food and had loads of fun exploring together. I might be biased but I also put some pictures of Ben looking handsome in there for good measure! There’s a Lindt factory nearby (which we visited the day after the Sydney tragedy – awks) and I’m obsessed with chocolate so we couldn’t not take a look inside! We also had the richest hot chocolate ever after in their little café, plus had our own personalised chocolate made. Mmmmm they’re in our stockings ready for the biggest feasting day of the world.

Does anyone else on Christmas Day just go absolutely mental with their portions? Maybe I’m just the only gluttonous chump around here 🙂

Only FOUR days to go!


Oh and how could I forget? I actually crossed another item from my bucket list, number 49:

49) Go to a PROPER Christmas market (none of these British City wannabes)


One More Ticked

It was so good to see the girls last night, not only did we have girly catch-up’s, some drinks and nibbles, I got to tick one off from my bucket list!

61) Drink Champagne in a Hot Tub

Okay, so prosecco is hardly champagne but considering my current financial situation, I can’t really justify spending £30+ on a bottle of drink when instead I bought one of my favourite’s for £5.99 – absolute bargain!

ImageIt’s a real blurry photo but it was so steamy so we were lucky to even get this. I’m starting to feel like I am finally getting through them. 

It’s now bank holiday weekend and I vowed I would spend two whole days dedicated to catching up on my Spanish work, but I’ve just seen the weather outside and I don’t want to be stuck in studying! I also had a reality check last night realising how un-fit and un-toned I have become so I’m off to the gym this morning in the hope to start to rectify that – cause I ‘eeew’d’ at myself in my bikini last night. 

Busy, busy busy!



A prolonged delay in this post but…I’ve finally made the time!



I completed my half-marathon in sub 2 hours, which was my goal and considering I had a knee injury before I was so chuffed! Since then though, I’ve had a complete bad spell of illnesses. AWFUL. And a LOT going on in my life! Decided I enjoy blogging but I’m not sure whether I could add just general posts to this, the whole meaning of the blog will be lost, right?

I’m considering giving up Facebook too to see whether I have more time with just life in general. I feel I have a million and one things to do and I’ve been putting my goals on a back seat. Time to take control again!

It’s not that I haven’t done anything….

Although I do have one of the biggest Bucket Lists I’ve yet to see on the internet, I can’t sit and say I haven’t achieved anything! Especially as I’ve spent hours mindlessly browsing blogs and others ‘to do’ lists, I can tick some off!

As it’s the New Year and one of my resolutions is to complete a few this year, I thought I’d give myself some inspiration by looking back at things I have done in my life already.

1) Visit Cadbury World (Nov 2012) – I have just hunted everywhere for pictures from here but it was towards the end of 2012 – apparently I did a lot in 2013 that I cannot be bothered to look that far back!


2) Go to a Midnight Cinema Viewing (Nov 2013) – I went to watch The Hunger Games – Catching Fire. I’ve read the books and can say it is very accurate, I really loved it!
3) Visit Rome ( Sep 2013) – It’s one of those places that pictures don’t do it justice. It’s beautiful.

4) Ride an Elephant (June 2011) – I would upload a picture but I did this with my ex and I don’t really feel that’s267728_10150701353450099_5965611_n appropriate! Was a wicked  experience though, regardless.

5) Trek in the Jungle (June 2011)

6) Take a shower in a waterfall (June 2011)


7) Feed Orang-utans in Borneo (June 2011)

I did 5 and 6 in the same few days when I went to Chiang Mai travelling, it was an amazing experience.229792_10150739887845099_5118830_n
Here is one of the naughty Orang-utan’s I met!

8) Go on a cruise (Aug 2007) – I did mine around the Med.

9) Cuddle a Tiger (June 2011) – I know, I know this is really bad as they tiger’s are definitely not ‘fully awake’ shall we say but I really wanted to go. Plus we got to see the little baby one’s who were 100% fully awake 🙂

10) Get a Tattoo (Dec 2009 / Oct 2011 / Dec 2012 ) – I have 3. My star sign on my wrist, roman numerals on my ribs/side and some Thai writing on my spine saying, ‘regret the things you did not do’. Fitting for this blog!

995791_10153072911120099_738376171_n  11) Have a tourist day in London ( Aug 2013) – I did this with Ben a few months ago, before I quit my job in the city. It was so much fun, you forget what is on your door step sometimes.

12) Go wine tasting (June 2013) – it was my 22nd birthday treat from Ben, it was SUCH a good day. We ended up watching some cycling event in the city and getting absolutely battered!1016133_10152921524565099_2106761034_n

13) Go Tubing in Laos (July 2011) – I went in 2011 just after around 20 of the buildings got ruined in the really bad floods, the worst for decades. There were 3 bars remaining which made it a bit better for us I think, they were so busy! 284094_10150725004970099_2131999_n

Here are two of my tattoos that I have pictures of, the other is pretty hidden so it doesn’t often come say ‘hello’ for photos:


So all in all I don’t think I’ve done too bad really. I’ve been lucky enough to ski nearly every year since I was a little tot and attempted snowboarding, I’ve visited quite a lot of Europe – especially Germany (my favourite) and I’ve experienced much more than many people have at 22.

I am going to now go and re-read my first post to get some inspirations for my first Bucket List adventure of 2014!

The Initial List

Hi Readers!

This blog is pretty self explanatory, it’s in the title, it’s my bucket list. To elaborate, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to create this blog and secondly each and every year try and complete at least 8 on the list.

I think of new ideas daily so there will be blog posts where I’ll add to my list and others where I can cross things off with photos and the like so it won’t just be this pointless post with a list.

I’m doing this because I don’t want to grow old wishing I’d done everything on my list without youth on my side and a million financial ties and worries. The amount of older men and women I speak to, who when you explain you’ve been travelling say, ‘oh I wish I’d done that’. I don’t want to be that person.

I had a tattoo done last year which says (in Thai) ‘regret the things you did not do’ and I want to live by that moto. Why waste my money on expensive materialistic things like a Mulberry bag or a pair of KG’s – granted they’re beautiful, but at 40 I won’t look back and be proud of that purchase. I want to have wicked memories and experiences…so here goes!

Théa’s Bucket List – December 2013

–          Swim with dolphins (Pretty standard but not necessarily difficult to complete?)

–          Fly in a hot air balloon

–          Bungee jump over a river

–          Jump off of Riverside’s top diving board (You may laugh but I am PETRIFIED of heights and I have to eventually conquer this childhood fear)

–          Eat a battered Mars bar

–          Eat a full Indian meal (I hate the smells of the spices but people find me strange for disliking it)

–          Visit the Taj Mahal

–          Walk the Great Wall of China

–         ‘Attend’ Munich Beer Festival (I mean get battered there!)

–          Visit Stockholm

–          Live in another country (Definitely an important one, for everyone)

–          Go to Rio Carnival

–          Go back to Thailand (Because I’ve never fallen in love with a country like I did Thailand)

–          Visit Fiji

–          See Death Cab For Cutie in concert

–          Stay in an extravagant hotel (Hot tub and bath in the room and room service would be beautiful)

–          Newspaper and dog poo trick (Curtosy of Mr Vince Brown)

–          Go back to Lanzorote and listen to George Michael on the balcony (great childhood memories….)

–          Go to a Michelin star restaurant

–          Go to Gauchos

–          Go tothe Bavarian Restaurant in London (I’m a crout at heart)

–          Rent a cute cottage in Ireland with a log fire

–          Go on the London Eye

–          Have a baguette in front of the Eiffel Tower

–          Watch the Sunrise at Angkor Watt

–          Visit the Amazon Rainforest

–          Make a 3 tiered cake

–          Cut my hair really short (because I’m always too much of a wimp)

–          Milk a cow

–          Watch a Live Grand Prix Race

–          Try Haggis

–          Feed a penguin (because they are so cute!)

–          See the Northern Lights

–          Get a ride with a Husky

–          Sleep in an Ice Bed in the Ice Hotel in Sweden (Google it – you’ll want to after too)

–          Go to the Ice Bar in London

–          Visit Auschwitz

–          Try a joint in Amsterdam

–          Hold a star fish

–          Run a Half-Marathon

–          Run a Marathon

–          Visit the Pyramids in Egypt

–          Take a Mud Bath

–          Take a Gondola in Venice

–          Swim with a Great White (In a cage – I’m not that brave)

–          Snorkel / Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

–          Go on a Safari

–          Walk through Central Park in New York

–          Go to a PROPER Christmas market (none of these British City wannabes)

–          Swim with Turtles

–          Whale Watch

–          Visit Every Continent

–          Have a pint of Guinness in Ireland

–          Learn how to make chocolate

–          Try Sushi

–          Jump off of a cliff into the sea

–          Pull an all-nighter

–          Visit the ruins in Athens

–          Go to a pottery class

–          Take part in the London Triathlon

–          Drink Champagne in a Hot Tub

–          Go to the Tomato Festival in Spain

–          Watch all 3 Lord of the Rings movies

–          Ski in Canada (it’s supposed to be a beautiful country)

–          Watch a Baseball Game

–          Watch an American Football Game

–          Go to a Rugby game

–          Visit Argentina’s Igazu Falls

–          Ride a Tandem

–         Become completely fluent in German

–          Read all 7 Harry Potter’s

–          Stay in a log cabin

–          Truly enjoy a job

–          Take ‘couples’ pictures in a photobooth

–           Go on a Road Trip

–           Visit the Harry Potter Studios

–           Graduate

So this is all I have so far, it’s a pretty hefty list but if I’m fortunate enough to live until I’m say 60, I’ve still got quite a few years to complete it. Some can be done without any planning and for barely any money at all, others are a little pricey but 2014 is for saving for my ‘Bucket List’ activitiiiiies.

My target is 8 a year, I’ll probably add to this constantly but I believe it can be done. Wish me luck!

Also, if any of my friends are reading this, help me complete some!