Organising – My Love/Hate Relationship

So as some of you may noticed, I missed my 3rd post of blogmas yesterday, what a poor show! It hasn’t annoyed me that I’m not fufilling a task because I’m one of those people (cough Gemini) who doesn’t see things through very often which is irritating for some around me but it honestly doesn’t bother often.

What does irritate me is my lack of organisational skills. I am the list writer. The thinker. The idea girl. The ‘I have 100 things on my mind’ girl and yet I still cannot make the time to get these thoughts into a blog! I know since moving I’ve added 3 hours to my day just commuting but what’s three hours when I probably used to waste those watching t.v?

I have this little notebook which I carry with me in my handbag for times when I think ‘ooh that’ll be a good post’ or when I need to write last minute shopping lists. In there I even wrote out a mini schedule to make sure I didn’t miss any blogs up until about the 20th. Even my work load at work has decreased ten fold, how have I managed to miss another day? I even bought myself TWO diaries to make sure I scheduled work, school work, blogging, fitness and socialising in, yet I still seem to have failed. That is what has annoyed me.

So I guess this post is more about what I do to organise myself – oh the irony!

Firstly, I have to have a yearly planner which runs through from school months – September – July (2014/2015).DSC01442

This one is what I write my main bits in, this is my core, if I lost this I would probably cry. It has my due dates for exams, dates with friends, deadlines for payments for the wedding, personal appointments…the lot!


My second little book I have, this tiny little creature, he is what I use for various to-do lists, what to buy, my ‘I want’ lists (does anyone else ever write these?) and sometimes my goals.DSC01444


This third and final planner which I got given at work is an hourly planner: I update this at the weekend for the week ahead to try and schedule what meals I’m having, where I’ll be each evening, plot in my runs etc etc. It’s a pretty dull planner, but I’ve found that having an hour by hour schedule is way easier on a shorter time scale.

DSC01449 DSC01450

Why not use your phone I hear you say? Oh that’s because I have THIS as my phone. I can’t say I’ve attempted to use this for planning my life but the reputation Blackberries have for breaking down, I don’t think trusting this with all of my to-do’s, wax appointments and birthdays is a safe option – I’d rather stick to a good piece of paper.

So what do you guys use for your life planning/scheduling? Are you as anal as me and need 3 different books or do you actually have a life and do what you want when you want? F**k the planning!!!