My Mini Skincare Routine

As we all know I am so lazy with my skin. I won’t take makeup off at night, I won’t use the correct products for my skin type and I definitely don’t use face masks enough. But, I don’t have horrible skin. So y’know, I believe if you don’t dabble too much with products it can actually be better for your skin. I find the more I irritate it by using too many products, I get red and blotchy and my skin is a hell of a lot drier.

Most days I will use these face wipes every morning and evening along side the carmex for my lips. These two are my staples on a day-to-day basis and to be honest, I probably could get away with just these as my skin is pretty friendly to me *touches wood*. I will also always use the below moisturiser twice a day, every day. It’s in a really thin serum type format (great lingo there Tay), it’s light on my skin but moisturising enough to help my dry skin and not grease me up.


DSC01411If I feel my face is in need of some TLC, i’ll use the seaweed collection from the body shop. Normally after a big girls night out I’ll need to do this, so I’ll firstly use a face wipe, followed by the cleanser, the facial scrub and then the toner. Both the cleanser and toner are my least used products. I will scrub my face probably once a week maybe, just to freshen it up. But other than the above products I don’t really use anything else: except……

DSC01413Everyone needs a lush product in their life! Of course I use a range of face masks quite often, not just from Lush, but I find theirs work a little better and they’re also friendlier on my skin! Some smell a bit suspect but most do the job they advertise! I’ve also added their lip scrub in because now it’s winter, my lips are an absolute joke. I don’t know if anyone else gets this problem but when I drink red wine in the winter, it gets in the cracks of my lips and makes me look like I’ve been chewing on a dead body all night!

So there we have it, my boring skincare routine. Really sorry it’s not full of amazing, expensive products but to be honest I just don’t need them. Just to add in, I was using the body shop Vitamin E eye cream, cause I have bags of hell, but I’ve asked for a Kiehl’s upgrade to this for Christmas so I didn’t want to replace it, I’ll just wait, patiently……!