Horrible Habits

Not sure how this I’ve managed to use alliteration in my last blog title and this one – winning! As I’m away from our home tonight, staying at my rents, I can’t actually write the blog post I had planned, which I’ll probably use tomorrow so as I was wondering around the house with no idea what to write about, it came to me after I was shouted at by my Dad for one of the below irritating, disgusting, ‘boyish’ habits which I have acquired over the years.

Some of you may be freaked out by what you’re about to read, but please don’t judge me (of if you do, do it mentally, I don’t fancy any nasty comments) :-).

Confession One
I go to the toilet with the door open – obviously not everywhere, I would’t just go for a wee in Prezzo with the door wide open but at my house, my rents and friends houses I have no problem not shutting the door fully. I personally think this stems back from when I got locked in a toilet in a restaurant when I was about 7 and now a habit I haven’t grown out of.

Confession Two
The occasional nose pick – right, can I just clarify, I don’t do this every time I have an escapee boggee, just when they’re really irritating me, I know no-ones looking and I cannot quite get it!

Confession Three
Grazing from the fridge – this one reallllly winds some people up. I will get in from work and go straight to the fridge, leave it open while grating some cheese, munching on some ham or eating a yoghurt. I never saw this as a bad habit until my Mum mentioned that it was annoying her, I mentioned this to Ben and he had a moan up about our fridge loosing it’s cold’ness’. Meh, I don’t care, I love cheese and nothing is gonna stop me eating that.

Confession Four
Burping – If I have trapped wind, unless I feel I should, I am not holding it in around you. Do you know how bad it is for your body and bloating it is to keep hold of said air?! I doesn’t react well with me and if I don’t burp it out in the day, guess which end it will escape when I’m fast asleep? Yeh, niiiice.

Confession Five
Forgetting to take my makeup off – I rarely ever take my makeup off at night, on the rare occasion my pals stay round mine after a night out I might do, when they offer me one and I suddenly feel guilty but at any other time I don’t. It’s laziness, pure laziness but fortunately *touches wood* my skin doesn’t really mind, if anything, the more products I use on my face to cleanse, tone, moisturise and scrub will irritate my skin more than makeup and makeup wipes. Therefore this one is justified.

Confession Six
Forgetting my night time teeth – this one is vile! I know guys, but if I’m going to bare my soul on this blog, I don’t think I should hide this one. It’s not often I will forget, normally when I’m drunk or mega tired after a late night cinema but granted I still do it. Out of all the people I know, I should be the one doing the 3 brushes a day with the amount of chocolate I eat so I expect at the age of 40 my nickname will be ‘gummy mummy’, yet I still haven’t managed to kick this habit.

Confession Seven
Skipping dinner for snacks and/or wine – this one come from my non-eating days. I wouldn’t like to eat in the evenings as they’re traditionally the bigger meal and the hardest one to digest and in my silly head the one you didn’t need. So I’d distract my belly’s cravings with a glass of wine…or a bottle. If I was pushing the boat out, I’d occasionally have a doritoe or a piece of choccie but not much else. 3 years on and parts of these habits are still smacking me in the face. Sometimes I just cannot be bothered to eat a whole meal, let alone cook it. So I’ll get a bottle of prosecco and a tub of picamix and try get my way through both, normally finishing the former and picking at the latter. This infuriates my boyfriend to no end, but I just need to do this sometimes!

Confession Eight
Talking about my bowel movements – this is something I’m not even guilty about. I don’t see why this is so vulgar to some people, if I need to go for a poop and I need to let someone know so we can allow me to get to a loo, I’m not gonna hold back! What happens if I had a freak fit and pooped myself? At least my friend would know, ‘oh it’s cause she was holding onto that one’.

So they’re the one’s I can think of at the moment, the most poignant one’s that others often point out.

Do you share any of mine or have any irritating habits yourself?

22 days to go! XX