My Most Re-Read Books

I’ve seen similar posts around to the one I’m about to write and also ‘2014 Book Favourites’ etc but if I’m honest, I’ve not had much time to get through many books this year as I’m studying; German and French books have to take priority. But even then I don’t often read novels in each of the languages because of my work load *sigh*.

So instead of having a top reads from this year, I’ve decided to show you guys my most re-read books. Of course there are hundreds others as I used to re-read my Jacqueline Wilson books several times when I was younger and the ‘Sleepover Club’ series I’d take out of the library on a weekly basis – does anyone remember these?

Anyho, I don’t often re-read books because my book shelves look like this:


I’m one of those people who has a problem with buying books. I buy more than I have the time to read; I reckon there’s about 50 books in there that are on my To Read list. Although, having said that, once I really get into a series like I did in 2013 with The Hunger Games and Divergent series, I won’t stop reading them regardless of any other work/study commitments I have, so a book has gotta go a long way to capture my attention.

My first and probably most re-read book is the following:


I’ve battered this book! There’s pages fallen out, so many pages turned over – I love it. I can actually remember buying it, I was 16 and in town with one of my old school pals Danny and we sat in Waterstones for hours trying to pick me a star sign book and I came away with this. I am in love with it. Everything in this book about my own star sign I believe is incredibly accurate and many others too. I tend to only read the star signs of those around me, like my best friends and brothers etc. I would really recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in Astrology.


Now a massive movie phenomenon, The Hobbit was a classic book to read and I personally am really mad that they’ve made this into so many movies considering how short this book actually is. This was an accidental re-read for me, it was one of those books that I kept reading 2/3’s of and never finishing and forgetting the story. When the first film came out I told myself I’d read the whole thing and I eventually did. I do love the story of The Hobbit but I do think the films have ruined the image I had painted in my head of how the characters looked etc. A common negative to watching films after the books.


I want to first start off with saying what incredible authors Nicci French are, they’re actually two people I believe, I found out once when googling the author. My mum used to read Nicci French books all the time when I was around 14-15 years old and so naturally being a book worm I asked if I could borrow one. She said of course but be warned they are a little scary. At the age of 15 you think you’re brave as fuck so I went for it. My god, some of their books have had me in tears before with fright. This is my favourite one of them all I think, I must’ve read it at least 3 times (a lot for someone who doesn’t like to read an old story). They’re crime/psychological thrillers so if you’re into that genre, I would seriously recommend any of Nicci French’s books.


Oh hey booties! This book is actually a German book so I’m not too sure why I’ve added it in, but I was given this by one of my German exchange partners when she came back over to England. It’s quite an easy read for the average German teenage girl but when I first read this it really did challenge my language skills which is such a good way to learn. I love the story of this and each time I read a foreign language book I feel my mind is getting more of a work out than me being lazy and reading an English book. One of my favourite kind of books are ‘chic lits’ and in general they’re easier reads so when I do choose to ready trashy novels, I’ll try and find their German or French equivalent so I don’t feel quite as guilty.


I had to throw in a chic lit! Especially a Christmasey one! I love to re-read my Christmas chic-lits, their endings are always happy and that’s what I wanna be reading in the run up to crimbo. This particular book I actually bought in the summer months as I remember first reading it on a boiling hot train into work – bleurgh. But I have re-read this a few times since, along with other Christmas romance books. They’re just the best. They’re always set in small remote villages with some poor single girl who loves staying in on Saturday nights drinking wine – remind you of anyone? Hahah.

One of my New Year’s goals is to get through the ton of unread books I do have festering on our shelves, but I need more of a structure to be able to actually follow my resolutions, so I’ll be having a think about these and will reveal my list sometime around New Year’s Eve!

If anyone has any ‘intelligent’ books or classics you can recommend, I’d be so grateful. I’m trying to broaden my mind and read up on all subjects to try and be a little more well rounded. I also think it would be a good idea to challenge my English reading, as we all know my favourites are pretty easy reads!


Köln – Part I

First up, to avoid any confusion, Köln is the German word for Cologne but I always feel it is appropriate to use the actual name of the place rather than the English translation – it’s almost bordering on ignorant. Alas, Ben and I went to Köln on Saturday for a cheeky four day trip to discover the city, get me speaking a bit of German, enjoy their amazing food and of course visit their many’a Christmas market – which might I add, did not disappoint.

DSC01462 DSC01463

DSC01469 DSC01470 DSC01472 DSC01477 DSC01479 DSC01480 DSC01481 DSC01482 DSC01483 DSC01484 DSC01487 DSC01492 DSC01493 DSC01494 DSC01496 DSC01497 DSC01498 DSC01501 DSC01502 DSC01508 DSC01510 DSC01511 DSC01518 DSC01519 DSC01526 DSC01527 DSC01528 DSC01532 DSC01533 DSC01534 DSC01536 DSC01537 DSC01548 DSC01549 DSC01551 DSC01556 DSC01564

So that I can split this into two blogs (so you’re not completely bored by our photos) I have tried to opt for ‘architectural/historical’ photos in this blog which may be pretty boring to those of you who have already been to the city. Just so you know, I can’t really take credit for these photos, Ben took most of the ‘arty’ one’s, I don’t really have an eye for capturing a good pic. Most of my photos consisted of booze and food – nommy. Don’t worry, it’s what you’ve got to come.

Cologne is a beautiful city, although four days to roam around is plenty. For some reason I thought it’d be a little bigger but you could easily walk around it in 2-3 days – on our final day we spent 2 hours twiddling our thumbs before dinner! This isn’t a bad point by the way, I just don’t suggest you spend longer than 4-5 days there especially if you’re doing a tour of Europe or Germany.

Going to Cologne only enhanced my love for the country; their food, drink, language, friendliness and ways of life are just a touch above anywhere else I have ever visited. Their transport system for example is miles ahead of the UK’s. 3 hour delays in rush hour are just unheard of. Litter on the streets is rare and rude locals are non-existent. Another awesome city that Germany has to offer, it is definitely in my top 5!


Our Wedding : The Reality of Planning [Part 2]

So following on from my wedding goals post, I’ve decided to talk to you about my wedding planning I’ve been doing. After going to a few weddings in the past few years, all I wanted to be was a wedding planner. I’m in love with the idea of love, I love to see people in love and I think weddings are a beautiful symbol, not to mention have me in tears without fail. So when Ben proposed, I was more than ecstatic. I am so excited to marry the one man (and I say man because most of my ex’s have been ‘boys’) I’ve ever felt crazily in love with, I feel like a smitten young girl in his arms.

The reality of planning the wedding I’d always dreamed of is, to be quite frank, a pain in the arse. I have enjoyed some bits which I’ll get into, but in other areas I’ve wanted to pull my hair out. Don’t get my wrong, I’m still excited as hell but some parts of this planning process I could’ve done without.

I won’t get into too much detail with this one as Part 3 is going to be details of my actual wedding, the more exciting bits, so you guys can have an insight to what sort of wedding we’re going for!

First things first, being the organising nob I am I made a wedding spreadsheet.

Screenshot 2014-12-07 16.04.45Colour coded and everything! So firstly I made the above tab with basically every aspect we need to think about so we don’t forget anything…I originally forgot to budget in favours – I mean I didn’t even know what these bloody things were! Luckily Ben’s cousin is also getting married to one of the most awesome girls I’ve ever met who I’ve mentioned before in posts about sticking together with his fam…so yeh she’s been helping me with ideas too!

Another important tab I definitely think is our budgets tab! For example I didn’t even realise how expensive flowers were for a wedding, I budgeted £500 for these….you think we can find any in that region? Nu uh. I mean not everything we’ve gone over budget on, infact we’ve saved a lot of money in some areas but budgeting is a MUST before organising a wedding.

I would show you that page but I think it’s a bit controversial as some people will be like ‘HOW MUCH’ or the opposite and think we’re scrimpy tight wads!

DSC01382 DSC01380 DSC01393So after much advice, browsing on the internet and gifts like the wedding planning and notes book that I was given, the rest of the planning could commence. I think having everything organised, printed, saved, whatever your preference is a must.

The order we planned in went something like this:
– The amount of guests
– The venue
– The registrar
– The date
– My dress
– My hair and makeup (priorities girls!)
– DJ
– Photographer
– Bits for favours
– First attempt at Bridesmaid dresses
– Save The Dates
– Cake
– Flowers
– Chair covers (another thing I didn’t even think about)

– still looking for bridesmaid dresses
– having our invites designed

What’s left to do…
– Pick our rings
– Plan a honeymoon
– Choose our wedding food
– Send out invites
– Create our favours
– Find my wedding shoes
– Get the men’s suits
– Think about thank you gifts
– Buy the page boys and flower girls outfits
– Sort out the table plan and theme (already got an idea for this one 😉 )
– Buy a wedding book/something to write in

So we’ve still got lots to do but we’ve got the worst bits out of the way. My most favourite was obviously picking the venue and finding our cake supplier – who doesn’t love cake tasting.

My most stressful parts were definitely finding my dress and (still trying) to find bridesmaid dresses. A little piece of advice to anyone getting married; do not say to your bridesmaids they can pick what they want/ decide if they don’t like your choices. With the amount of bridesmaids I’ve got, it is just not happening! I’ve already bought 2 sets of dresses and had to send them all back, so yeh, pick the dresses and they’ll have to like it or lump it!

I’ve also had a problem with one of my bridesmaids but that’s for another time or maybe not even on here! But yes, be careful all your brides-to-be.

So my part 3 is basically going to be details of our actual wedding so you can have a little insight in, but to go in with my planning, here are some of my other photos. [WARNING: Spoiler alert]

DSC01391 DSC01389

Black Friday

This blog is going to start with a rant. I am absolutely furious with, infact I don’t even think furious covers it. I ordered some clothing on Black Friday from them, you’ll what below, and I opted for the free delivery which they were advertising which normally to be fair to them, comes quicker than the 3-5 business day delivery slot.

So I waited and waited and in the mean time other Christmas presents I’d ordered had turned up and so I decided to track the order and it said it had been delivered. Weird. So I messaged boohoo and to be fair to them on this front, their turn around for complaints is 24 hours which they did actually keep to but they proceeded to say, it had been delivered, can you ask your neighbours, check your garden? What sort of a question is this!

Firstly I had it delivered to my work which is an industrial estate on which the majority of people who work their, I’d say 80%, are male so why would they even think to keep the delivery. Secondly, the first line of the delivery address was the name of my company…if you pull into said estate you are firstly directed in the direction of our office and you can’t miss the god damn thing! We have from about 4-10 vans with all the companies logos on sitting outside!

So yes, I checked with my ‘neighbours’ and funnily enough they hadn’t received size 6-8 women’s clothing! So I am proceeding with this claim when I get a Facebook message from a random guy asking if I’d ordered anything from boohoo recently. It turns out he lives at the same number as our Unit on a similar road nearby and they’d left it outside their flat in the middle of the day, thankfully no-one had stolen it, he’d taken it in and contacted me! Good karma that boy shall have! So I’m going to proceed to tell Boohoo that I haven’t received it because that is disgraceful considering I spent over £60 on clothes.


Here are my ‘Black Friday’ purchases – a relatively new concept in the UK which I find totally bizzare. There were mongrels on the t.v fighting each other for the last televisions in Tescos, having full on fights over microwaves….seriously? Shouldn’t you lot all be at work?







Organising – My Love/Hate Relationship

So as some of you may noticed, I missed my 3rd post of blogmas yesterday, what a poor show! It hasn’t annoyed me that I’m not fufilling a task because I’m one of those people (cough Gemini) who doesn’t see things through very often which is irritating for some around me but it honestly doesn’t bother often.

What does irritate me is my lack of organisational skills. I am the list writer. The thinker. The idea girl. The ‘I have 100 things on my mind’ girl and yet I still cannot make the time to get these thoughts into a blog! I know since moving I’ve added 3 hours to my day just commuting but what’s three hours when I probably used to waste those watching t.v?

I have this little notebook which I carry with me in my handbag for times when I think ‘ooh that’ll be a good post’ or when I need to write last minute shopping lists. In there I even wrote out a mini schedule to make sure I didn’t miss any blogs up until about the 20th. Even my work load at work has decreased ten fold, how have I managed to miss another day? I even bought myself TWO diaries to make sure I scheduled work, school work, blogging, fitness and socialising in, yet I still seem to have failed. That is what has annoyed me.

So I guess this post is more about what I do to organise myself – oh the irony!

Firstly, I have to have a yearly planner which runs through from school months – September – July (2014/2015).DSC01442

This one is what I write my main bits in, this is my core, if I lost this I would probably cry. It has my due dates for exams, dates with friends, deadlines for payments for the wedding, personal appointments…the lot!


My second little book I have, this tiny little creature, he is what I use for various to-do lists, what to buy, my ‘I want’ lists (does anyone else ever write these?) and sometimes my goals.DSC01444


This third and final planner which I got given at work is an hourly planner: I update this at the weekend for the week ahead to try and schedule what meals I’m having, where I’ll be each evening, plot in my runs etc etc. It’s a pretty dull planner, but I’ve found that having an hour by hour schedule is way easier on a shorter time scale.

DSC01449 DSC01450

Why not use your phone I hear you say? Oh that’s because I have THIS as my phone. I can’t say I’ve attempted to use this for planning my life but the reputation Blackberries have for breaking down, I don’t think trusting this with all of my to-do’s, wax appointments and birthdays is a safe option – I’d rather stick to a good piece of paper.

So what do you guys use for your life planning/scheduling? Are you as anal as me and need 3 different books or do you actually have a life and do what you want when you want? F**k the planning!!!

Poorly Tay Tay

What unlucky person gets their 5th cold of the year 2 weeks before Christmas but more importantly 3 days before a holiday? Oh wait, ME! I know I sound like a Moaning Mertle but my last cold lasted for 10 weeks, which only buggered off at the start of November…and now I’ve had another one attack my face.

So yes, I’m less than happy to say the least!

However, I’m trying to stay on the positive side because there are people out there who struggle to breathe everyday, not just when they have a pathetic cold. It’s times like these when I normally start to put things into perspective. Friends that have acted childish, deliveries of clothes that haven’t turned up, my weight which just won’t shift…how can I moan about these juvenile problems when there are people out their struggling for their lives right now?

I live with and am going to marry a paramedic so I often hear stories of people losing limbs, seconds of their lives and even their own children. It has really opened my eyes to being such a grumpy, moody soul and made me really try and appreciate everything in life, even down to silly things like being able to type this!

I want everyone reading this who has something on their mind, something bothering them, something that’s upsetting them to just take a step back and think of those people in hospital tonight, those people who are praying that someone makes it through, those people who will never be able to hear or see their children play again. Just think how fortunate you are to be breathing okay, to be happy and healthy.

That is all ❤


A Christmas ‘Would You Rather’

Oh hey again all, you must be getting sick of me! I’ve decided to stick to the theme of my weekend and answer a festive would you rather which I got from an awesome blog I follow – you guys should go check it out! Ben and I are currently watching Frozen like children with the Christmas decorations all illuminated and a Christmas candle burning while drinking a caramelized apple green tea – mm mmmm 🙂 Happy Tay

Have to loudly sing the chorus of Jingle Bells every time you walk into a room for a week or have to wear a Santa suit to school every day for a week.
Definitely wear a santa suit, I cannot sing for shit and wouldn’t want to cause anyone pain around the festive season.

Not celebrate Christmas this year or not celebrate your birthday this year
110% not celebrate my birthday, I’m totally over my birthdays now I’m 23…urgh, I think I was a little sick in my mouth even saying it.

Have Frosty the Snowman for a friend or Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer for a friend
Frosty, he’d be fun as hell. Rudolf would just wanna fly everywhere and I’m not cool with that!

Have mistletoe hanging in your bedroom doorway or have a large decorated Christmas tree in your bedroom doorway
Mistletoe, I’d get loads of kisses! 🙂

Write a five paragraph essay about the meaning of Christmas or solve a page of Christmas-themed math problems
Christmas themed Maths questions, I used to be pretty good at Maths so I fancy my chances – plus I’m awful at English and essay writing.

Have a job wrapping presents at the mall or have a job taking pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall
I think wrapping presents so I may have a chance of actual getting better at it. Mine look like a 7 year old has had a bash at wrapping.

See the Nut Cracker or dance in the Nut Cracker
I’ve not seen the Nut Cracker so I can’t really answer this one…

Be given $100 for Christmas to buy things for yourself or be given $1000 before Christmas to use to buy gifts for other people
These days you can’t really get much for £100 – i’m gonna use my own currency here – but imagine what awesome presents you could buy for £1,000 and I’d rather make others happy than be greedy with my £100 gifts.

Have a nose that glows red like Rudolf’s or have pointy ears like an elf
I’d opt for the nose cause it could be pretty cute and I hate my ears as they are, let alone if they were pointy as well!

Totally forgot that we’re actually going to Cologne on Saturday, suddenly so excited. I’ll be able to tick another item off of my bucket list – woop. Hope you’re all having similar lazy Sundays or out getting some crisp fresh air and exercise unlike us slobs 🙂

Blogmas Fail – Our Christmas Day Day

I want to apologise for my lack of 5th and 6th blogmas posts, but the 5th I’d written a piece during work hours and forgot to send it to myself to edit after work but alas, I didn’t and got completely wrecked at my first Christmas Party so couldn’t even write a text to my mum let alone write a coherent blog post. Yesterday was just pure laziness/business.

So to make up for it, i’ll be writing two posts today and two tomorrow! Lucky you 😉

Every year Ben and I elect a Saturday to have a Christmasey day. It consists of hunting for the perfect tree, some more decorations to our small collection, going for lunch somewhere new and coming home for decorating, prosecco and all the bad snacks we can eat! So yesterday was our Christmas Day day…..

Mine started off with a rank hangover, I was supposed to get up at 8 and help my brother move from his flat on the first floor to the ground floor, after leaving the house at 10 and my van not starting, I eventually only got there at 11. Luckily my fiancé had gone over at 8 and had been a trooper with him! So we stayed and helped until about 12:30 then made our way to Perrywoods, which is like a small grotto/garden centre. We picked our tree and some new decs then made our way to the new restaurant which Ben had picked out – The Maybush in Walderingfield. To say the food was ‘good’ would be a understatement. FYI – I had a bacon and brie sandwich and shared some cheesy chips mmm.

DSC01414 DSC01416 DSC01417 DSC01418

These were the pictures that we took after lunch outside the back of the pub – definitely going to be a beautiful place to eat and drink in the summer I feel.

We came back and started the carnage of decorating…..


This was mid decorating, ignore the dead flowers, they look pretty morbid.


This is our final finished product – if I’m honest we should’ve spent longer being more picky about the tree, it is a good size but has a lot of gaps!


This is my favourite part of the lounge, my mum made us that garland (I think that’s the word) and I feel the whole scene is very Christmasey.


Here is the advent calendar my mum made us last year, this year I’ve filled it with clues, almost like a treasure hunt, for Ben to use his noggin’ to go find!DSC01429 DSC01430

I didn’t even pick this wreath, Ben did before I’d met him and I think it’s gorgeous. I love the mints in it!

So after we’d finished putting these all up and got the hoovering done, we sat down with some onion rings crisps, prosecco and followed it up with cheese and wine.

Perfect 🙂

P.s, who else loves the tacky penguin my Dad bought me!?!

November Favourites

I have never even thought of doing one of these posts as most bloggers and vloggers who do them are really into beauty and you may have worked out by now that I am not! So mine is a little bit of a mix I guess, I found so much I was loving this month but I decided to have a real think of what I really loved and used a lot this month. In no particular order….


A very autumnal/winter smell. I love cinnamon, I eat it in my porridge most winter mornings and I add it into baking a lot so this is my perfect candle. As you can see I’ve burnt the top but for once it’s actually burnt evenly. I really love Yankee candles, I try and give all sorts of candles a try but nothing beats the quality of a Yankee. Their smell is so strong and I think they’re so worth the money. I’ve been burning this evey night I’ve been at home but I’m scared it’ll run out soon – splashing out on candles when you’re supposed to be paying for a wedding probably isn’t the best idea!

DSC01399Alongside Elf and The Grinch, this is my favourite Christmas film. It’s one of my favourite genres entwined with Christmas and has Jude Law….how can this not be a good film! It’s Ben’s guilty pleasure which I found out quite early on after I’d met him which always makes me chuckle even writing this, he acts like he’s a man’s man but his heart is softer than mine! If you want something to get you in the Christmasey mood, this film will do it.


I’ve never liked tea or coffee but after doing a lot of research into healthy/clean eating, green tea was something that kept coming up as an incredible product. I can’t lie, the first time I tried green tea I gagged and spat it out and it’s taken me the whole of November to get into it, but I will actually reach for a sachet of this stuff now. It does help that this is a wintery flavour and it masks the green tea flavour. It’s got to the point where I have about 4 of these a day at work but for £2.40 something for 20 I should probably cut down! But if anyone isn’t into tea or wants to start out on green tea, this is the right way to go.


When I saw this in Primark, I was trying to buy some winter clothes and I’d remembered in recent years lot of ladies wearing these and I thought what a genius idea! Not being the adventurous sort I opted for grey which has been THE BEST BUY EVER. It goes with everything and unfortunately for the snood, it has had wear most days since it was purchased. It is warm, cute and it doesn’t itch which is my pet hate for scalves. I’m pretty sure this was only £5 too, what an absolute bar-gain!


Another clothing item which I didn’t think would make my favourites, but as I’ve worn it to my last couple on nights out/date nights I thought I best add it! This beaut was £14.99 for H&M, I was browsing my new local town for clothes and you know them days where you need to spend money but can’t find anything – I was having one of those…until I walked into H&M. I find that in H&M if you look hard enough you can find some absolute gems, by that I don’t necessarily mean some bargains but some awesome clothes that are hidden away because they have such a huge collection. It’s so difficult to show without putting on, which was a ‘no no’ tonight as my hair looks like I have dunked it in a chip fryer. But it is tight in the places I want it and comes out at the exact point to flatter my figure. I will add a picture of me in this soon for you guys in due time, just not tonight I’m afraid. So yes, a flattering but short enough dress to wear out with some black peeps toes and jazzy hair to make the style look less plain.


(Please ignore my dirty desk) I know, I know, I know. This is a classic and something I will have in many favourites to follow but right now this has been my life saver. I put this on in the morning before my hour and whatever drive into work and it has worked wonders. I like that it tingles, who doesn’t love a tingle 😉 But seriously, this product is awesome!


I flit between Garnier body moisturisers, they used to do a favourite of mine but when I bought this it wasn’t available. This has not let me down. If you use this enough, it has great results but unfortunately I get lazy in the winter when I don’t have to have my pins on show a lot and because of my lack of effort, I need a moisturiser that is ‘intense’. The bottle doesn’t lie! It does the job!

DSC01406Ben and I have moved into a bigger, semi-detached house, which compared to our terrace house, is fucking cold. We’ve really noticed the difference but we can’t moan. The pluses that this house has massively outweigh the fact it’s harder to heat. Because I’ve been comparing it to the North Pole with my Dad, I’ve had to whack these bad boys out. These were a present from Ben from Bedroom Athletics. I’ve just googled the company and a picture of these came up straight away so if you need an awesome pair of slippers which feel like a soft puppy between your toes – BUY THESE!

DSC01409Bargain! This is the one word I’d use to describe this set! I love the big versions of these bottles, I normally buy the pot on the left and when I saw this in Superdrug for £4 I had to buy it (even though they advertise this as a gift – oppsie)! The smells are amazing, granted you don’t come out of the bath smelling like a mango and a papaya but until anyone can find me a shower gel that smells gorgeous and leaves you smelling the same, I will continue using these bad boys! The variety of flavours/smells are incredible and there’s one to suit every nose! The one which is missing, strawberries and cream, is my current favourite, it’s light pink in colour and smells divine. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it into this post because he’s in my mumma’s shower!

I tried to add a picture of my last favourite, but it wasn’t happening! It’s an audio book by Giovanna Fletcher – you’re the one that I want. With my new commute, I wanted something to amuse me for 2+ hours a day and I thought this would work. It definitely didn’t disappoint, my only problem with audiobooks is the price! Why are they way more expensive than actual books? They’re not physical products unless you buy an audio CD and if you’re only buying it in an mp3/mp4 whatever format from iTunes, why are they roughly £10.00!? This has led me to want an audiable prescription, but for £7.99 a month for one, when I got through this in 6 days, I’m not sure if it’ll satisfy my cravings!

Please let me know your favourites of the month, especially if they’re candle/movie based. I am such a hermit in the winter and I love getting suggestions like these to keep me in!


Waxing Worries

This isn’t a subject most people will be interested in reading about so you’re welcome to press the little x right now, but when I was first looking into getting ripped to shreds I wanted to know everything I could, from the benefits to the horror stories. I find even the most famous beauty bloggers don’t touch on hair removal, perhaps maybe for their image but also because it’s quite personal, who knows?

Since the age of 13 (I think) I have shaved my under arms and legs (and actual arms once but that’s another story). Shortly after I decided I didn’t like hair in the other ‘arena’ so decided to use a hair removal cream called Veet, a brand I’m sure you’ve all heard of. As we all know, this stuff has the essence of a dead rat, so why I proceeded to use this as a hair removal treatment alongside shaving for a further 5 years I do not know! I even took Veet travelling with me, thinking this was the best hair removal product out there, let me tell you, lying in a bikini in 40 degree heat with my ‘rat’ smelling like a dead rat wasn’t cool.

Until I met two girls travelling, one of which is now an amazing best friend, who had a drunken chat with me once about hair removal ‘down there’. They both had been waxing for several years and ensured me to try it when I got home, as they’d both experienced one out in Thailand and said the brutality of it had the potential to put me off for life.

After two or so months after returning home, I took the plunge and booked a wax at a beauty place my friend had recommended. For £30.00 a hit, for the full whack, I personally thought this was outrageous but was secretly tempted to see what the fuss was about. Newly single, I had turned up to the Saturday morning appointment dreadfully hungover and started feeling pretty sick.  After being told to go into the room and strip naked from the waist down and lie on the paper towel covering the massage table (if only I was there for a massage) which I later proceeded to cover in back and bum sweet (nice) and tear from jolting around so much, I sat nervously awaiting my demise.

As it was my first ever hot wax (which by the way girls, is 100% less painful than warm wax with strips), they decided that getting me on all four’s straight off to wax my behind may have been a bit of a shock, so I was told to bend my knees at right angles and lie comfortably. I can tell you there is nothing comfortable about what happened next. I ended up kicking my poor beautician, who I’m now quite friendly with, after the first line of wax was pulled off and it didn’t get much better. It was a sweaty, bloody mess to tell you the truth.

Booking up a 2nd wax was probably the best thing I did. Everyone who has ever had a wax will tell you, the more you wax the easier it becomes – and they’re right! The 2nd one wasn’t as painful and the 3rd felt like a breeze. Granted, they are still painful but throughout the last 4 years I’ve been waxing I’ve learnt several tips.

  • Going in with a hangover makes it so much less painful. The fact you still have alcohol in your system means you relax more AND you’re mega chatty to the beautician so you forget what’s going on ‘down there’.
  • Take a paracetamol or ibuprofen half an hour before – granted, sometimes this doesn’t work as much as I’d like it, but there have been times when they’ve been a miracle I tell ya!
  • Steady your breathing – this is the hardest one I find as the more you try and think about your breathing, you start to count, count those seconds before she ruins your bits!
  • Get friendly with your beautician because if you do accidently boot them, it’s loads less awkward! Hahah, just kidding, if you have loads to catch up on, the time really does fly.
  • Do not and I repeat DO NOT go back to shaving/any other form of hair removal once you’ve switched to waxing. Firstly, you will eventually get annoyed at the speed of your hair growth with these alternatives and want to go back to waxing and when you do…..there’s hell to pay. Remember that first wax you ever had? Yeh, you can bet that it’ll be near if not just as bad as that experience.

I know this is an expensive luxury (if you could call it that) but there are places you can go where they’re cheaper. You can get student discounts and from experience if you live up north waxing is a lot less expensive. However, do not be fooled, you pay for what you get. I went for the cheaper option of a warm wax with strips…..let’s just say I have a little less skin in that arena following said wax. I had also been silly and not followed my own advice and went to a cheap salon where the prices were low (I’ll cut myself some slack, I have just moved house and I’m getting married – money is tight) and consequently the end result wasn’t what I was after. It’s safe to say I’ll be going back to my regular salon.

All in all, I am definitely pro wax! The results are so much better than any other hair removal I’ve tried and considering I have a very low pain threshold, anyone out there can get used to it! So my advice is to give it a go, just have a few wines the night before, or a few hours and you’ll be fine.

If any of you have any questions about hair removal, please don’t worry about asking as I’ve tried pretty much everything that’s on the market!

23 sleeps! XX