Holidays are comin’

Now I can certainly say writing a blog post this evening hadn’t even crossed my mind, in fact it hasn’t for the last few months. Not until my friend Char, a fellow ‘blogger’, sent me a little reminder that she’s going to be writing every day in November which of course got me excited and made me wonder, can I do it this year? Writing for me lately has consisted of copious amounts of shopping and to-do lists and a scramble of French passages trying to pass as assignments, I feel I haven’t had the time for any personal writing.

The other problem is that the last couple of months have been a very big mental struggle for me. Positive thinking and myself were no longer pals and I had Dominos on my speed dial; the manager has even started to recognise me there, awks! I’ve had no real want to share with the internet as my mental health hasn’t been at all great, I’ve lost motivation for everything in life and my physical health has been a bit of a sham too. These stages come and go in life frequently, I can vouch for that, but this one has been pretty difficult for me. I’ve gained so much weight, lost some special friends and opened a few too many wounds from the past just to top it off.

I guess this is me trying to push through it, share with my internet chums the struggles I mentally go through in life, when I eventually want to open up about them. Christmas (for me this is the whole of November and December) is a time where everything should sparkle, you make more memories with your family and there seems to be a spark in the air. I cannot carry on feeling so sorry for myself in this period or the months will fly by, February will be here and I’d have wasted Winter.

So, will I be blogging for the entire month of November? Maybe not, I don’t take to pressure very well. But I feel this could be one of the many ways to help me. I feel the need to get back on track, so yesterday I took a trip into my local town of Woodbridge and instead of my normal route of shopping where I create a list of shops I want to go in, speedily carry out my shopping duties and hurry home in the fear of getting a parking ticket, I took the time to really browse the shops in my town. It was beautiful, look at the Christmas decoration I stumbled upon – how very Tay and Ben!


I was really dreading yesterday, my mum was coming up to visit for the day and evening – now I don’t think I’ve ever touched on my relationship with her, but it has been very, let’s say, volatile ever since I can remember. I can’t fault her in many ways of how she raised four children, bloody hell I couldn’t manage four brats, three of which were active little boys followed by a Tom Boy, but her parenting in many aspects was very questionable. Granted it’s nowhere near as hideous as some very unfortunate children in this world, but certain events, words and actions leave scars and unfortunately I don’t think I can ever forgive some things. When I moved out, she tried to make a real effort to repair our relationship, it’s taken time and we do get along so much better now but there is some bitterness always lingering, she can’t notice it because she’s often so wrapped up in her own life to take notice, but I feel it all the time.

So I caved when she kept asking for a date to come and visit which was booked for a while for this weekend; we had a glass of Prosecco, a quick lunch and browsed the shops. To be honest it was actually a great day, it took my mind off of many things, I got to really see what Woodbridge has to offer and more importantly it got me in the Christmas mood. After her leaving this morning, a yoga/stretching/meditation session, I’ve realised if I don’t try and think positively, nothing is going to change. I’m going to keep putting on some timber, feeling miserable and pushing my husband further away.

So here goes, dare I say it, roll on Christmas and bring old Tay back!

January Haul – (mainly fitness)

I have been fortunate enough to have had a little bit of spare money throughout January, which is the exact opposite of how my January’s normally go – not getting paid for around 6 weeks and scrounging off of my other half in the remaining days before pay day and checking my account at midnight to make sure my company have actually paid me! January 2015 was actually a little kinder on me.

After my amazingly great start to 2015 (cough) I thought I deserved a few treats so splashed out on the following:

DSC01580 DSC01581


These are my new babies! When I first competed for my club back in June last year, everyone had a pair of spikes so I was incredibly jealous, but being a novice you don’t know if a) you’re going to enjoy this whole speed milarky and b) whether they’d be a wasted investment as they’re quite pricey. So after a lot of uhming and ahhing I decided to treat myself to these beauts. I’m not normally a fan of girly colours but there’s not as much choice in this area of running shoes. I haven’t had a chance to test them out but I’m expecting to put them to the test on Thursday.

DSC01582 DSC01583


Ah god. What can I say about these bad boys? I was in a phase in January where I needed to buy anything and everything running related to give me a boost to get back into and ‘own’ running again. I was sick of getting annoyed at my regular running shoes, which when I originally bought they made me buy a size larger than my normal shoe! After getting my gait checked (I’m now a neutral gait woohoo), I realised I had loads more shoes to choose from and come across these bad boys. The shop assistant said the size is always down to preference and whoever sold me my 6’s clearly had no 5’s left in their more expensive shoes – what a mug that made me feel. So I opted for these in a comfy 5.5’s and I can only describe them as a dream to wear.



I also decided a Yoga mat would be a good investment for our home as stretching is super important with running and with my stress levels raging at the moment, I could probably do with the ‘chilling’ aspect that comes with Yoga.




Soooo I may have gone a little crazy in Sports Direct. How can I not? The prices were an absolute steal in the January sales. I’ve tested out all of the clothing above, except for the 2nd top on the bottom row as it’s not been warm enough to wear alone yet. My favourite is definitely the Karrimor pink item on the right for the gym ( it has small holes in so I don’t get too hot) and also the bottom right long sleeved Nike top, it has the hand inserts which really help to warm my hands with long distance as taking gloves, even in the snowy weather we’ve been having, is a big no no!


Onto something a little less running related and more interlinked with my Bucket List – I’m going to see DEATH CAB BABBBBBBY! Words cannot explain how excited I am for this! I have waited to see them live for years as most American artists shy away from touring the UK…and if they do, their shortage of gigs sell out fast! We bought these tickets, as you can see at 6 minutes past 9 and 8 minutes later they were all gone. Ahhh I am so happy I’m going. This year is officially going to be amazing 🙂


I also purchased this hoodie…however it may look mint green to you but when it arrived, I realised it was actually more green than a light mint as I think the picture shows. I’m actually in the process of sending this back for the coral version – something a little more girly and not usually what I’d opt for!

The only other bits I really bought in January were race places, event sign-up’s and ….. the entry to the New York marathon ballot! I know my chances of a place are slim, but I secretly really really want it. I think mentally I am now ready for it.

To end this, I’ll also tell you I splashed out and got my hair highlighted, not something I often allow myself to spend money on in the fear of having my hair look like a zebra crossing…there’s a reason for that…because it’s happened again! With 20 weeks to go until the wedding, I’m lucky this didn’t happen later on, but I’m still pretty annoyed as I look like a toddler has put yellow strips of Play-Doh through my hair.

Much love, Tay XX


Feeling Festive

So in the spirit of the 1st December, which begun very cold for me and full of Christmas tunes from different radio stations, which admittedly I was skipping to try and find said songs to get me in the mood, I am going to do a festive post. I may have had both of my chocolate advent calender chocs before I left the house this morning…..I leave at 6:25….not greedy at all.

I have decided to attempt blogmas, however I am awful at committing to things so if I manage this challenge/vow to my blog, I have decided I will treat myself to something like a Yankee candle for the house, or maybe some nice wedding shoes 😉 I think it’ll be a great way with me to bond with my blog again and hopefully learn to love writing again.

In the last few days some Christmas items have made it into the house. We haven’t actually done our ‘decorations weekend’ which consists of going to Perrywoods, the most Christmasey shop in Essex, going out for lunch, picking our tree then coming home for an evening of prosecco, pj’s, steak and chips, festive music and decorating, with maybe a smidge of Elf involved.

So these are the first items of Christmas to grace our new home.


So I came home the other day, after breaking down in my new company van (yeeeeh, I was mega happy about that one) and this is what I was greeted with! Penguins, if you hadn’t guessed by now, are my favourite animal so Ben decided to jazz up our new home with this seasonal door mat. I cannot explain how much I love this!



This is an advent calendar my in-laws made for us, cleverly making sure each day had the same chocolates together (or I would’ve stolen the best one). FYI, Cadbury’s Caramel – bellissimo!

DSC01372Now this bad boy I’ve actually had for a while, again, another gift from the in-laws as they know I’m obsessed with candles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these so it was a very good spot!


Meet Oscar! He made an appearance on our anniversary! We said we weren’t doing presents as it’s silly now we’re due to get married but as I get excited for Christmas in early October, he was exactly what I needed! Lets see if anyone can pick up why I called him Oscar…..

DSC01374It’s a sin to put Christmas DVD’s away with your decorations just incase you have a random festive day during the year and you need your fix! So these are in our big DVD/book storage units and I have to say Elf came out over 6 weeks ago and has been sitting beside the TV…where Peter Pan is now actually haha….for a long time! I really want to say this is my favourite Christmas film but I think it’s level pegging with The Grinch!


These were just a few extra snaps I thought I’d add in for good measure so you can all be nosy 🙂

Is anyone else already as excited for Christmas as I am? Our decoration day is Saturday, which after my first Christmas work party on the Friday, could not come any sooner.

I hope no-one reading this is a festive Grinch! Unsubscribe now if you are as there will be many more posts like this to follow!