A week of TWO much water!

As part of my effort to try and change my lifestyle a little, I’ve made myself try something new for a whole week, every week in the year of 2016. Week 1’s goal was to drink at least 2 litres of water every day. Now I know most people can meet and smash this target easily, but I really struggle. I could honestly say some days I would drink no more than 500ml, the only days I actually drunk a tad more was when I work out – not good Tay Tay!

So this has been quite a challenge for me but with very mixed results! Aside from the obvious frequent wee stops, which I’ve quite enjoyed as an excuse to leave my desk (and not in some cases when I’ve had longer commutes than normal *crosses legs*), I’ve had some interesting findings.

My body has bloated to the M-A-X. I kinda knew this might happen, it doesn’t help it has been my *ahem* lady week, but I’ve not looked so bloated for years. My skin, contrary to what I thought it would do, has broken out in big red spots. I’m presuming this is part of the detox right?

However, I have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels, to the point where I feel I can work out for longer, I’m no longer tired after my long drives and don’t want to go to bed at 8pm every weekday night. Now, this could be the fact I had nearly two weeks off over the festive period but I’m going to give the old H20 the benefit of the doubt and say that it is helping!

All in all, I think upping my water intake has been a good idea and I’m going to continue with it in the hope my skin clears up and my body decides to deflate. If I find in a month I’m still looking like a swollen balloon, I may have to reconsider. Does anyone else not hold water very well?

So this week is going to be a difficult one, no chocolate and sweets for the whole week. At the beginning of 2014 I gave up chocolate for a whole month. I had much better self-control and discipline with food back then so it wasn’t actually too difficult, but I remember how good I felt about resisting the temptations and how lovely my skin became. I know a week isn’t going to have such a profound effect but it’s a good start, right? I’ve finally eaten all of the chocolate I got given for Christmas and my period has kindly left the building so I think I got this!

In other updates, I have now signed up to the following events for this year:
London Winter 10k
Brighton Half Marathon
Cardiff Half Marathon
Leg of London Triathlon
70.3 Ironman – Weymouth
London Duathlon
Tough Mudder

It was part of my New Year’s ‘goals’ I set myself, I cashed the money I received for Christmas and Ben and I went on a rampage and decided these were all a great idea! I am really excited though, I really want a medal rack, is that sad? This year was going to be the year I physically push myself so I thought why not go all out. I’m currently praying to the injury God’s to gift me with the best health I’ve had!

Hope you’re all enjoying the New Year and finally getting back to your routines 🙂


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