A week of TWO much water!

As part of my effort to try and change my lifestyle a little, I’ve made myself try something new for a whole week, every week in the year of 2016. Week 1’s goal was to drink at least 2 litres of water every day. Now I know most people can meet and smash this target easily, but I really struggle. I could honestly say some days I would drink no more than 500ml, the only days I actually drunk a tad more was when I work out – not good Tay Tay!

So this has been quite a challenge for me but with very mixed results! Aside from the obvious frequent wee stops, which I’ve quite enjoyed as an excuse to leave my desk (and not in some cases when I’ve had longer commutes than normal *crosses legs*), I’ve had some interesting findings.

My body has bloated to the M-A-X. I kinda knew this might happen, it doesn’t help it has been my *ahem* lady week, but I’ve not looked so bloated for years. My skin, contrary to what I thought it would do, has broken out in big red spots. I’m presuming this is part of the detox right?

However, I have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels, to the point where I feel I can work out for longer, I’m no longer tired after my long drives and don’t want to go to bed at 8pm every weekday night. Now, this could be the fact I had nearly two weeks off over the festive period but I’m going to give the old H20 the benefit of the doubt and say that it is helping!

All in all, I think upping my water intake has been a good idea and I’m going to continue with it in the hope my skin clears up and my body decides to deflate. If I find in a month I’m still looking like a swollen balloon, I may have to reconsider. Does anyone else not hold water very well?

So this week is going to be a difficult one, no chocolate and sweets for the whole week. At the beginning of 2014 I gave up chocolate for a whole month. I had much better self-control and discipline with food back then so it wasn’t actually too difficult, but I remember how good I felt about resisting the temptations and how lovely my skin became. I know a week isn’t going to have such a profound effect but it’s a good start, right? I’ve finally eaten all of the chocolate I got given for Christmas and my period has kindly left the building so I think I got this!

In other updates, I have now signed up to the following events for this year:
London Winter 10k
Brighton Half Marathon
Cardiff Half Marathon
Leg of London Triathlon
70.3 Ironman – Weymouth
London Duathlon
Tough Mudder

It was part of my New Year’s ‘goals’ I set myself, I cashed the money I received for Christmas and Ben and I went on a rampage and decided these were all a great idea! I am really excited though, I really want a medal rack, is that sad? This year was going to be the year I physically push myself so I thought why not go all out. I’m currently praying to the injury God’s to gift me with the best health I’ve had!

Hope you’re all enjoying the New Year and finally getting back to your routines 🙂

100 Happy Days Update III

  Sooo I have been continuing with my 100 Happy Days with a huge glitches here and there but December and Christmas got away with me and I vowed I wouldn’t put pressure on myself to have to do things, especially blogging so I have a whole ton of photos to stick up.

Through the copious amounts of alcohol and general busyness, I did forget a couple times to upload but hey ho! So here is a load of pictures so you guys can see what I was up to in the last month!








Bucket List: Update (kind of)

So guys, I think it’s finally time I got round to doing this post, a post that it’s really what my blog is all about – ticking off things from my Bucket List.

On reflection of 2015, on New Year’s Eve infact, someone said to me, ‘surely you had a great year, you got married!?’ I’m sorry pal but just because I got married doesn’t mean it’s been the greatest year of all, what about the year I got engaged or the year I met Ben? In general I don’t really like New Year’s so I was a bit grumpy and replied with, ‘it wasn’t the greatest’, but when I actually looked back at my memories (by that I mean my Facebook and Instagram photos) I have actually had a pretty damn good year.

However, as I look over that list now, which I haven’t updated since maybe July, I haven’t ticked off one item (except number 79 which I’d totally forgotten – 79) Marry the love of my life – opps, sorry Ben!)

79) Marry the love of my life  



Towards the end of the year, I was really down and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Was it because of the family arguments erupting every 5 minutes? Maybe. Was it because my parents weren’t going to be around for Christmas? Maybe. Was it because I was trying to do 50 million things all at once to better myself, to prove to myself (and maybe others) I wasn’t just coasting through life? Yes. And I learnt the hard way.

Tay, you cannot burn the candle at both ends.

So it got me thinking about the things I’d like to achieve in 2016, goals which are both realistic and unrealistic and the latter of the two, how can I break these down? So I had a thought. Instead of setting myself big goals, I will give myself a goal a week to try and get myself in a place that I want to be by the end of 2016 without putting any pressure on myself.

Last year I was compiling lists of books I needed to read, lists of blog posts I needed to write but never actually getting the time to do either. I was stressing myself out at wanting to get things done then the pressure of all of this getting on top of me. I fell out with a friend and became bitter about sharing my friendship and love with others. This year, I want to break that mould. I will be leaving people who make little or no effort or bring bad negativity into my sensitive mind back in 2015!

I haven’t quite thought up my whole 52 weeks of what I want to change, I have a couple of course but again, I don’t want to commit to anything that will put pressure on me. Last year I realised I am not someone who copes well with pressure and having to tick boxes; sure, I love a to-do list but in reality my little Gemini mind likes to float and go with how I’m feeling in the moment. If I don’t want to sit and write for half an hour but instead go for a walk on my own, I’ll do it. If I don’t want to go to a see a half-hearted friend because they’re back and need to kill some time, I won’t. I want to make real effort with those who care and push away the people who cause me drama. I HATE DRAMA.

With that in mind, Week 1 of 2016 – drink at least 2 litres of water a day and try to increase this after exercising. A little goal for me as I look at my reflection in the mirror day after day and I’m not so sure what my skin needs; after hours of wasting my life googling it, water seems to be the first step! It will improve my concentration, my mood and hopefully my energy levels! I downloaded an app called My Water to help me do this which I’ve been using over Christmas and shock horror have been failing miserably to meet my 2L target. This week is about actively hydrating myself to see if I notice any difference with the physical and mental state of my body.

Bottoms up!


Being someone who is also into sport and unfortunately suffers from body dysmorphia, I of course have set myself some other physical challenges. Instead of ‘oh I want to loose X amount of weight’, I’ve signed up to The London Duathlon, 2 half marathons, the London Tri and……a Half Ironman! I know, what am I playing at? My thought process was that not only would I love to achieve completing many of these ‘races’ but on the way I will be losing belly fat, discipling myself with alcohol and food and also enjoying the sports that really give me a buzz. If I have a goal, I can’t deter as I will need to keep training. So, watch this space 😉

What are your New Year’s goals/ resolutions / plans?

Tell me about them below 🙂