Day 12 – Day 18 of Tay’s 100 Happy Days

Not missing a day this weekend following too many wines has felt good! I managed to stay relatively sober but only after falling ill on Sunday and having a whole day in bed/on the toilet!

I’m not sure why Wednesday seems to be my blog update day, I think it’s because I hit a wall with my work on a Wednesday and I have a spare few moments to gather my thoughts and reflect on my last 7 days.

Alas, here is what I have done in my last week…..

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

  Trying to hit it hard, I decided to go to a new circuits class with my bestie on Wednesday night after having my hour of boxing during my lunch hour, was I mad? Probably. Was I high on adrenaline when I got home? Definitely. I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling after working out, it sure beats the guilt after munching half a bag of doritos and drinking a bottle of wine, I can tell you that! I hate what I look like after and during exercise so there was now way I was taking any form of selfie after either class so I opted for a snap in my festive Primark leggings instead.

Thursday 3rd December 2015

  I spent a few hours after work studying on this day and you know when you have a lull in your studying and suddenly you start for 15 or so minutes and you get the learning bug back? I totally got this! So feeling very chuffed with myself after the journey back, I decided to treat myself to some Applewood cheese and a glass of Merlot. Just the perfect treat to ease myself into the weekend.

Friday 4th December 2015

  A chilled affair for a Friday, following way too much drama and stress at work, all I had to offer was a pic of my London Triathlon entry, however, if you check out my main reason for starting this blog you will see that participating in The London Triathlon actually features on there, so a nice new blog post next summer and another to tick off! I do love a list in everyday life, so having a bucket list which isn’t so easy to tick things off of,makes it ever the more satisfying when you can! Infact, I need to do a Bucketlist update looking at that page!

Saturday 5th December 2015

  Thank the Lord for my stupid body clock not allowing me a lie-in! Look at this beautiful view I woke up to. I don’t think there is any need for me to elaborate on this one.

Sunday 6th December 2015

  Sick day. Period day. All I wanted was a cuddle and some crisps – wah! So when my gorgeous husband bought me home my favourite soft drink, I felt like this was my only happy for the day to share with you guys.

Monday 7th December 2015

  So every year Ben and I have a ‘Christmas Day’ pre-Christmas to pick our tree, go for a nice lunch and to decorate the house. This is the day we had scheduled to do this, so luckily I’d woken up in a slightly better mood which soon turned to pure excitement when we arrived at our garden centre of tradition choice. Here are a few snippets of the ‘finished look’ within our home.

Tuesday 8th December 2015

  In an effort to cheer my up after my first day back of the week after having a dreadful finish on Friday, I came home to my house illuminated with these beautiful icicle lights! I’ve always wanted outside decorations, we didn’t really have much money to purchase any in previous years so I’m so happy we’ve finally invested in some which we both love. I came in and the fire was roaring and our dinner was in the oven. Perfect.

So that was my last week! Weirdly, I actually don’t have many social plans between now and the end of the year so I can’t imagine how exciting my upcoming snaps will be, unfortunately for the fitness-phobics of you, a lot may be of runs and exercise. However, I’m sure a few snaps of wine, cheese and Christmas goodies will make an entrance ;-).

How have all of your weeks’ been? Are you enjoying your festivities?

Do any of you have any fitness goals you’re going for next year?

Tay xx




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