‘I can’t do it.’

These have been the words that have haunted me for 24 whole years. These four powerful, self-doubting words that I have muttered internally on countless occasions when trying to jump into a new project, new lifestyle, difficult exam or new start; I’m finally done with telling myself that I can’t do it. I’ve always been a negative person, I get plenty of ideas and plans that I’d love to do, I’m a Gemini after all, but I either tell myself I can’t do it or something along the lines of ,‘you’re always going to be a jack of all trades and a master of none, so why not just give up now?’

For someone who has been fortunate enough to be born into a good family, able to attend a great school and fortunately still has good health and youth on my side, there is no reason that if I put my all into something that I can’t do it.

This realisation happened a few days ago, when after speaking to my buddy Char about re-doing her 100 Happy Days along with her friend Maria, I thought perhaps if I were to be a little more positive I could slowly but surely change my life and my attitude towards the world, people and myself.

It’s no secret I have a few personal issues (later to be spoken about in either a longer blog or what I presume will be an emotional video) and I think a small step, like committing to taking 100 snaps over the next 100 days, could be the kick start I need to a positive mind.

So here it goes… here are four of my memories from the last four days.

(My Instagram: @taytay275)

Day 1 – Saturday 21st November 2015

A while back, a friend mentioned she was trying to get tickets to go and see Elf the musical, shocked that I hadn’t heard that it was even being made into a theatre production let alone coming to London, o jumped straight on the Internet the next morning and got Ben and I some of the last reasonably priced tickets. If I’m honest, I’m not the best person to ask how it went as I don’t really enjoy musicals in general, I fell asleep during Les Mis *don’t shoot me *! However, I did love the performance, how Christmasey I now feel and the excitement it bought me. But unfortunately it didn’t change my opinion on musicals. 

Day 2 – Sunday 22nd November 2015

After getting in at 1am, Ben and I were up again at 7 and on our way to Norwich where he was off to complete his first half marathon. What we weren’t aware of was the snow we were going to be greeted with on arrival! Perfect running conditions for me but poor Ben looked nervous! Nevertheless, I am a very proud wifey and he completed it in a time that smashed both of mine out of the park! 

Day 3 – Monday 23rd November 2015

After a beautiful lie-in in our hotel, we headed out into Norwich to do a bit of shopping. Other than a small meltdown on H and M it was actually very successful. We made our way back home and where we had to sort out our empty bookshelves, giving me great pleasure in doing so! We had a new carpet fitted on Friday so everything looked like a bomb site! And I got to make my new little corner where I can cosy up with a glass of wine and pick from my mini library while staring at our fire.. I think I’m a little bit in love! 

Day 4 – Tuesday 24th November 2015

Unfortunately this one is a little bit of a cop out, my first working day of the week got away with me and I forgot to take my phone in the gym with me to snap up my new 5km treadmill time! So after a vile 2 hour and 45 minute journey, coming home to a bath with these bad boys is what I needed!
So here goes, here’s to the first challenge I actually complete and to changing my life for the better.

Please check out these beautiful girls also joining me on the journey, Char and Maria !



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