Metal Ear Solid

As good a day as any to write this blog post entry I’ve been planning for a while….as I’ve just added to my collection.

So as some of you may know, I have a few tattoos and piercings. No I’m not by any means covered but I do love the one’s I have and have made sure (except one) to have a good, long think about them all.

So here goes….

This is my ear…I now have 3 piercings plus my normal first studs I had when I was 7. Today I got my conch pierced which for the first time I actually had it numbed which was the strangest feeling ever and I’m pretty sure it has more chance of infection but I am SO glad.


Excuse the every so slightly hairy face and spots, my skin is a disgrace at the moment and I have very fair hairs  but my blackberry camera is awful without flash!

So I had my first piercings done at the age of around 7, they’re actually wonky and my mum took me back the same day to have them re-done but alas, still wonky!

I got my helix done at the age of 17 as I wanted to be a bit more ‘different’. HA. My tragus I got done on a wimb when I was 20 I think, maybe 19. It was when I wasn’t really eating so had skipped breakfast, went for this piercing alone and, well, fainted. It was so embarrassing, I went all giddy and was crawling around the tattoo/piercing shop like gollum! They then rushed to buy me a coke and then I was fine.

Since then I’d be so put off by going back but I’d forever wanted my conch done and today two of my best friends coaxed me into it. And da daaaaa! It’s done, just so so bloody.

So on the subject of needles and the sorts, I’m pretty sure I may have shown you these but I’ll add them for good measure.

My tattoos I’ve got are the following:

1st – I have my star sign with ivy wrapped around it on my left wrist, I got this done when I was 18. I love it, it just needs a touch up now.

2nd – This is the one I didn’t really think about, I kinda wanted a tattoo and was getting impatient, so I decided I wanted roman numerals on me and on my ribs and I came out with the below. It’s my birthday and I love it now but I wish I’d waited for a more meaningful date to use. Perhaps my wedding day or something…oh well! It looks so sick in a bikini.

3rd and final…. – I put so much effort and thought into this tattoo for two reasons. One, it’s done my spine and quite large compared to my other two and two, it’s in thai! I had to make sure the translation was correct or I could have ‘chicken chow mein’ down my back! I adore this tattoo so so much, it’s like an accessory. One which I may regret but the meaning ‘only regret the things you didn’t do’ will kind of reflect how I know I won’t, you know? I can hide this in almost everything except bikinis so again I personally think it’s amazing, I can get it out when and if I want!

1916097_365964855098_6439139_n304205_10150877197410162_1024974069_n  1379471_10153353586260099_654972215_n 1382902_10153353548670099_1582428715_n

Excuse the blurry photos, again, some of us are still stuck in the dark age with our Blackberries (secretly I love mine and would never get rid of my querty keyboard 🙂 )

So do any of you have tattoos/piercings? Any that you regret?

My opinion: if you loved it at one stage, you should never regret it….unless of course they’re an ex’s initials….AWKWARD!


Driving Me Mad

Right, before any of you read on, please bear in mind that I am actually a polite road user, rarely use my horn, nor do I end up looking like this after every car journey. Also, please stop reading now if you take offence to foul language (apologies).


However, as previously stated in my last blog post, I am not a fan of awful road users. So to vent my frustration over these irritating, rude and obnoxious people, I have decided to categorise them, cause what’s more fun than making lists right?

The ‘I heart 45mph’ Driver
Due to the insane amount of frustration these people cause me, I’ve had to mention them first. You know them people driving Nissan’s or some other bubble-like car, who, when you find yourself following them in the 60mph zone decide that driving at 45mph is acceptable….and to take a corner….woah, wait there, they drop down to 30mph. However, these people think that it’s okay once hitting a 30mph speed limit zone that to continue driving at their irritating speed of 45pmh is acceptable. Let me tell you this Mr. I heart 45mph, it is NOT. Have you not seen those adverts ‘if you hit me at 30mph I have an ’X’ % chance of survival?’ No you probably haven’t because you’re too busy slowing down every poor fucker who wants to get home and denying them of these heart breaking adverts!

The ’15 mile radius’ Driver
There is nothing more I hate than people who whinge about driving further than a 10 minute trip to their local Tesco’s. You should not be out on the roads if you are not confident driving for longer than a certain period of time.  PERIOD. You passed your driving test, which was probably around about a 45 minute exam, of which you had to probably do plenty 2 hour lessons in a hit to be able to pass, why oh why is it so hard for you to have to drive 30 minutes, in the same county, to a different town. If you don’t feel safe driving in 60/70 zones, you shouldn’t be driving.

The ‘DiurnalDriver
For those of you who don’t know (because I had to google it too) diurnal is the opposite of nocturnal, people who are active during the day but sleep during the night. The people that only like driving during the day as driving at night is a little scary. Okay, I get that, it might be a little more difficult for you to see or you may feel more sleepy, so why do you decide to go driving in the winter at around half 3/4pm when you know that you’re going to get caught out by the monster that is the darkness. Why is it so hard for people to drive in the dark anyhoo? If anything, it’s actually easier cause every other road user has got 2 great big bright lights shining in your face to let you know, ‘OH HEY I’M HERE’.

The ‘I’ll wait 5 seconds to make my move’ Driver
Corrrrr, these people! I may as well categorise these as the older generation however I feel this is unfair as a lot of nobs who think it’s okay to use their mobiles while driving fall under this category. The people that are pulling out onto your road, have got to the end of their junction, have obviously seen you but still decide to wait a further 5 seconds before they think it’s safe to pull out by which point you’re so close to them that you’re basically having to do an emergency stop to let the rude pig out! Most of these end up turning into the ‘I Heart 45mph’ drivers I find, or even worse just stay at a ridiculously slow speed as I’m pretty sure they know I’m real mad by their slow reactions.

The ‘65mph limit’ Driver
Sometimes I don’t really have a problem with these drivers, I mean no they’re not driving to the limit but they’re not going slow enough for me to start getting all aggy and sit up their arse until they get the hint and move over. However, when there is a huge space in the left hand lane, which means they wouldn’t need to slow down to pull over and there’s a queue of traffic behind them, why are they still sitting in the fast lane?! Someone please tell me! There is no need for them to and no it’s not acceptable unless there’s heavy traffic to do this! This brings me onto my next type of driver….

The’ Right-hand lane’ Driver
To some of you the right hand lane is your slow lane, but here in England, it’s the lane you’re taught to use to overtake drivers who are travelling at a slow speed. Almost similar to that of the above, these people think it’s their god given right to sit in the right hand lane regardless of what speed they’re doing. Do they realise how many people are trying to get past them right now? These people are the reason undertakers exist. Once they get undertaken, you’d think they’d move over. Oh hell no! In fact they get all uppity about why someone has done such a dangerous act of undertaking and take it upon themselves to carry on driving at a slower speed than that of the speed limit to make sure everyone is driving in their opinion at the ‘correct’ speed. I have one thing to say to you Sir….


The ‘Lorry’ Driver
(Not sure why these deserve quotation marks too but we’ll go with it!) Okay, so I think we all have some form of respect for lorry drivers, their vehicles are bigger and more difficult to drive than our own, they’re stuck in said vehicle for hours on end and most of them are kitted out with crazy cool neon lights which cheer me up on my commutes. However, this lot can take the bloody piss when they want to. If a lorry they’re following is doing 63mph and their own lorry can do a maximum of 65mph I am sure they take it upon themselves to pull out into a long line of cars who are all stuck behind the ‘65mph limit’ twat and spend five minutes trying to overtake their slower rival lorry and subsequently leading several road users to miss an exit due to huge line of lorries hiding the road exit signs! Since driving a van to and from work, you gain a bit more respect from a lorry driver, they’re more inclined to let you pass/let you out and give you the occasional flash to say thanks but because every other road user is some insignificant minion to them, they feel they can bully people into letting them out and throw their weight around and us mugs just let them in! This must be stopped, tighten your gaps all!

The ‘Over-Active Breaker’
I’ve only ever come across a few of these people, but when I do there is nothing I’d like to do more than throw a massive rock through their back windscreen. And do you know why? Because they don’t bloody ever use it to see who they’re constantly flashing their break lights at, only.staring at the possible accident that any car could cause at any given second in the 3 mile gap between them and the car in front. These are the over-cautious and right annoying lot in my opinion. When you come across one of these drivers, they will break around every slight bend in the road, when a car pulls out 500 yards ahead of them, when they see another car in the opposite lane breaking! ANYTHING! They love a break! And to us, the other road users, we must in turn then break as we can’t see past their family wagon, a.k.a ‘beast’ of a car to see what’s making them break, oh no, we have to be subject to an over cautious twit who isn’t aware of how well their own breaks work.

So there you have it. If you fit under any of these categories, please do not continue to drive because you are a pain in my back-side! I have just re-read all of these and it looks like I pretty much just hate anyone that drives haaha! Don’t get me wrong, there are loads of people out there who are wicked drivers but I’m going to say 50% of the road users I’ve come across can fit under one or more of the above.

I’ve decided if I were to become a minister of transport (god help us if I ever did) I would 100% implement the following laws:

  • Anyone over the age of 65 should re-take their test – every 10 years. They get friggin’ free bus passes, why are they clogging up the roads with their dangerous reaction times and inability to find their accelerator!?
  • Lorries should be banned from over-taking during the hours of 6am-9am and 4pm-7pm. This would seriously sort out traffic and allow 65pmh limit driver to sit in their slow wake without p*ssing me off.
  • Again, all heavy, slow-moving vehicles should be banned from motorways during the above times.
  • Anyone over the age of 75 shouldn’t be driving in the dark…or driving at all for that matter. GET OFF THE ROAD!

I know, I know, half of these won’t work in principle, but hey, I’ve got loads of time before I’m elected as transport minister 😉

So that’s my rant over. Do any of you know of any other sorts of drivers that grind your gears? Do you know anyone personally that fits under these categories? Or do you now all think I’m some hot-headed cray cray girl? (Hehe I promise I’m not 🙂 )

50 Facts About Me

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently, well, just doing a lot in general if I’m honest. I’ve been reading blogs and watching vlogs in my spare time and I’ve realised I haven’t been too kind to my own. It’s needed some planning and some brain storming but i’m hoping to keep it alive. For my first post back, I’m going for a 50 random facts about me post, as these are my favourite to not only read but to watch on YouTube! Also if I’m being honest, this is an easier post for my poor little hungover mind today so here goes!

[1] Ben and I had a puppy called Hans this time last year but we had to give him away (fortunately to someone we know so we can go and visit him) because he was too violent towards me, he was alpha and I had failed him and myself. He was unbelievably gorgeous and it was the first time I had my heart broken when we gave him to his new owner. Luckily he went to a family with another German Shepherd and they’re the best of friends, so at least he’s a happy pup.

This was him at around 12-13 weeks.


[2] I have 3 older brothers, one of which has a different Dad but I never see him as any ‘half’ brother, if anything, I see him as my second Dad because of our 10.5 year age gap.

[3] I have a sugar addiction. All I ever crave is chocolate and sweets. My favourite is Cadbury’s Caramel mmmm.

[4] I used to have an eating disorder and I’m not proud of it. It led onto another illness and it was just a crazy time of my life.

[5] I will be a married woman as of 13:30 on Saturday 20th June 2015. And I’m marrying the most gorgeous, amazing man in the world.

[6] Green, well mint green in particular, is my favourite colour. I have never been a huge fan of ‘girl’ colours like pink and purple, I guess that was the tomboy in me.

[7] Thailand is the most incredible place on earth, I found myself there and I cannot wait to go back. Honeymoon Ben? 😉

[8] I have three tattoos and three piercings we may soon be four! I’ll keep you posted on that one.

[9] I share all of my thoughts with my closest friends and family, unfortunately for them they know everything about me even down to my bowel movements and waxing stories!

[10] I have angry thoughts when I’m driving, I have such a good blog post idea for this! There are sooooo many drivers who wind me up and now that I have an hour and fifteen minute commute to and from work 5 days a week they really grind my gears even more. I am also a van man now 😉

[11] I used to be obsessed with guys with germanic sounding accents – or well just german guys. There was an air of mystery to them and I always told my dad I’d marry a German or and Austrian guy. Yeeeeeh that one didn’t pan out, Ben is as English as they come.

[12] I think I have an eclectic taste in music, a lot of people say they do when really they probably just like to use the word eclectic. However I think I do! I’ll name 10 varied artists I love: George Michael, Taylor Swift, Beautiful South, Chris Brown, Death Cab for Cutie, Ryan Cabrera, Spice Girls, Blink 182, The Corrs and Brian McKnight. I tried naming the more famous ones there so you’d get an idea.

[13] I have played the recorder, glockenspiel, electric guitar and piano from the ages of 9-16 at various points but would not have the confidence to play any of them now!

[14] One of my worst traits is that I do not stick at anything especially when it gets tough. I think this is partly the Gemini in me, we get distracted and like variety. This means I am a bit of ‘jack of all trades’ and master of none.

[15] I fucking love pizza, I can’t decide whether Pizza Hut or Dominos is my favourite and I am devastated I now live in the arse end of nowhere which no pizza place will deliver to! My belly will probably thank me for that though.

[16] The Fault in Our Stars film is probably in my top 3 of saddest movies. I cry the whole way through that heart wrenching movie and after I watch it, I go away thinking (for all of about 24 hours) I should be doing everything with a ‘YOLO’ attitude and tell the one’s close to me how much I love them.

[17] If I could change one thing about my body it would be to have a flat, toned stomach.

[18] If I could change one thing about my personality…hmm this one is a little harder, either I’d change number 14 or I’d like to stop lying. I am an arsehole for white lies but in the last year or so I’ve been trying to change this. Little things like ‘oh I can’t come because I have uni work’, those kinda lies. Now I am just honest and say ‘naaa I don’t fancy it’.

[19] Ever since I was young, I have only really liked to have ‘1 best friend’. I am pretty selfish and don’t like to share and also, it’s a pain in the arse telling like 5 people every single detail of  your day, updating them with everything from dates to feelings and gossip. I much prefer to have a close bond with one person and have lots of acquaintances. I think part of this stems from not really trusting girls either, although that’s really changed since leaving 6th form as my boy mates decided our friendships were worth wasting by trying to get into my pants!

[20] Stress makes me cry! This one I’ve learnt very recently with everything I have going on at the moment.

[21] My Dad is the most amazing person I have ever met. If anyone says a bad word about him *punch to the face*.

[22] When I was younger I really wanted braces and glasses, now I have two half-fake front teeth and I do actually need glasses which are irritating.

[23] As above, I have two fake front teeth from about half way down. I did it racing my then 15-year-old boyfriend in a car park , tripping on a speed bump and not doing the natural thing by putting your hands in front of my face and smashing them on the tarmac. Yeh, the hill-billy jokes before my dentist sorted it out were fun!

[24] I have previously cheated on an ex. I’m not proud of it but I also don’t regret it, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Only regret the things you did not do.

[25] I’m the laziest girl, I never take my makeup off before bed, I often forget my night time tooth brush, I barely blow dry my hair and I don’t wear makeup daily.

[26] Out of all of the ‘arts’ I don’t appreciate going to the theatre and actual art. I don’t enjoy the former and I don’t understand the latter.

[27] If I had three wishes, I would 1) wish I could speak all languages fluently 2) have a sick body and 3) wish my family and friends a lifetime of good health and good times.

[28] I love ‘me’ time. I like my own company which has something I’ve only just come to realise. A few years back there’s nothing I would’ve hated more than being alone but now I love it. I think it’s the freedom of being able to do what I want, when I want with no obligations. I think I personally need to the head room too.

[29] I had a ‘slutty’ year. After I broke up with my ex of 3 years, I went a little cray cray, or ‘Ray Ray’ as my closest would call it/me and didn’t give two flying fucks about guys feelings. I was probably sick of people not caring about my own and I did want I wanted. I don’t regret it at all, it was fun! Being single is awesome, so all you single girls, embrace the free life haha!

[30] I have a potty mouth. I can’t even control it around people I really should, such as my in-laws and older people. I do try though 🙂

[31] One of my favourite feelings in the world is the accomplishment after a run.

[32] I wish I could go back to school/sixth form. Those were definitely some of my favourite years.

[33] My side of the bed is the left side (as you’re in the bed itself).

[34] My favourite position to sleep in when Ben is on shift is right in the middle with both sets of pillows turned at a 45 degree angle cocooning me into a warm slumber.

[35] The majority of my underwear is either white, black or red. BORING.

[36] I can gain and lose weight very fast, so I have to be quite careful. Note to my future self before our wedding, don’t eat too many cakes chubby!

[37] I really hate Indian food to the point I can’t be in the same room as anyone eating it, it makes me gag!

[38] I used to wear boosty bras even when I had bigger boobs than I do now, but I only own one now which rarely makes an appearance. I just know I haven’t ‘got it to flaunt it’ haha.

[39] My top half of my body is a clothes size smaller to my bottom half and I don’t even have a big bum to justify that with! 😦

[40] Cheese and Onion crisps are my favourite flavour!

[41] One of my many nicknames when I was younger was ‘Tee Towel’, cheers Rozza! (My bro!)

[42] I’ve been lucky enough to not have anyone close to me die, so I’ve never had to feel that pain most of you probably have. It scares me so much. Although, I did cry my eyes out when our old family dog Kaiser was put down! R.I.P you lad.

[43] I still don’t understand how printing money causes inflation and everything surrounding printing money. It confuses me and I wish I’d taken economics for that reason.

[44] I studied French, German, Psychology and Politics at A-Level and I’m currently studying German and French at university.

[45] Being ignored is probably one of my biggest hates. With the advances in technology and we can now all see when one another is on their phones there is NO excuse to ignore people, it’s damn right rude!

[46] I love living in the countryside, I could never live in a city!

[47] I sometimes get Ben to read my books to me before bed – I’m such a child haha. Because I love it so much, I decided to start buying audiobooks too for when he’s not here, like tonight!

[48] Thursday is my favourite day of the week, everyone starts to cheer up and I can see the weekend in sight! Plus I don’t really mind my current job so weekdays are as enjoyable as weekends sometimes.

[49] My mums roast cannot be beaten. FACT.

[50] I hate hair extensions, why girls wear them I do not understand, they look so fake. Well, each to their own, if you wear them, great, I just couldn’t stand them. Plus my hair is so skanky and thin, you’d notice straight away if I even attempted to slip some in!

So there we go 🙂 a little more insight into my life. If you like the post, stay tuned and I will be updating much more on here in the days/weeks to come. I also think I may do a Blogmas, which will kick start my blogging efforts. This will probably include a lot of fitness chat as I’m doing another Will of Iron over chrimbo and I’ve started to up my mileage!

Ciao for now all xx