Will of Iron

Oh hey guys!

Once again I’ve left it a long long time to blog! But as I mentioned in my previous post – I’ve been a very busy bee 🙂 forgive me!

So I discovered a new challenge I wanted to take part in – The Will of Iron [http://willofiron.org/]

Okay, so I know it says a challenge to take on in May but it was my birthday in that month and I only discovered it on WordPress actually on the 29th, so I’d missed the catchment. As I personal challenge I thought this would be great for me, something I can fit in before I go back to uni (yup, I’m definitely still doing Spanish and haven’t finished my assignments for the school year but they can wait).

If you don’t want to read the website, the challenge is to complete the Iron Man distances over the space of a week. I know some of those of you who follow me would find this a piece of cake, but I thought mentally and physically this was my next step up.

My Updates

Day 1: 15k Cycle and 5.9k Run
My thought process here was to get a long run out of the way, it didn’t work. I struggled, I was tired and didn’t listen to my body. I’d been to a festival (V festival – for those British amongst my readers) so I was shattered.

Day 2: 0.5k Swim and 30k Cycle
After my horrific effort at getting some k’s in, I thought I’d better up the game today, I felt the ‘good’ tired post exercise rather than ‘I think I’m going to have a heart-attack, look at my red face’ tired. I also didn’t fall asleep at 9pm like I did on Monday.

Day 3 (today): 0.75k Swim, 5.2k Run and 25k Cycle
Again, I thought I’d better up the mileage and I’ve scheduled in a long run tomorrow which I won’t be doing much around (as I’m actually working 8-5 every day too by the way guys – feel slightly sorry for me). I have come back feeling really fresh actually, I got my swim in before work, my run in during my lunch hour and my cycle straight after work.

Aside from feeling constantly hungry, I actually feel really great. I’m waiting for my crash in about an hour but I’m currently buzzing. I’ve been watching my YouTubers while putting up my festival pictures on Facebook and still feel very alive!

So yeh, I think anyone who needs to spruce up their workouts or wants a challenge should give this a go. It’s giving me a real sense of personal achievement and, well, I’ve decided that if I actually complete it, I will treat myself to this bad boy dress. 


Here are a few of my photos, excuse the blurriness – I hate using my phone in the gym. It’s real embarrassing, you look like a right keano!

984187_10154486377180099_2076703652771591438_n  10612802_10154486376100099_602470710566678329_n10557173_10154490080005099_7341387722776997142_n


Aside from my Will of Iron, we’ve got our moving date 🙂 3rd October – I’m a big girl nooooow!

I’ve also contemplated changing my blog to a vlog…has anyone done this? Are there any restrictions/advice you guys have? Do you have to plug it everywhere? 

Love you all XX

I’m Back!

So after nearly/over 2 months, I have returned fellow bloggers!

Apologies for my disappearance, I have a lot to fill you in with.

So firstly, yeh, we got engaged.



Instead of boring you with every detail of the event I’ll give you a quick run down.

So we organised a cheeky holiday to South West Ireland (by the way it’s beautiful), where we rented a cottage and explored pretty much every day. On the second day, we had planned a 55 mile bike ride around the Ring of Beara after exploring the roads and areas the day before by car. The Friday, the 55 mile day, was proposal day. We’d cycled in all of nature’s beauts, bright sunshine, rain, hail and wind. It was very Ireland and we loved it! He proposed on the top of Healy Pass after we’d got back to the cottage after the ride, showered, had a celebratory wine and we decided to drive up to Healy Pass and tada – engaged 🙂 and it’s safe to say the rest of the holiday was spent in a loved up bubbly blur.

I managed to tick a few off of my bucket list this holiday:

– Rent a cute cottage in Ireland with a log fire
– Have a pint of Guinness in Ireland
– Go on a Road Trip

So I’m definitely counting our trip as a ‘road trip’. We drove from Essex, for those of you who don’t know, this is South East England, all the way to the West Coast of Wales, followed by a ferry trip and 4/5 hour drive to our holiday destination!

Here are a few photos for mu bucket list:

10482590_10154321616700099_2093811505173703819_n 10492222_10154321599060099_282147530356188410_n 10502215_10154321590900099_3759198261179025811_n 10514647_10154321591885099_8337953502341484236_n 10527748_10154321616505099_3808416834064942646_n


And yes, me on top of the rock at Healy Pass with champagne was 2 minutes after the propsal!

So apart from the engagement and being completely on cloud 9 – we have booked our wedding date!

20th June next year I will be marrying the love of my life, although I can safely say, trying on wedding dresses at the age of 23 is a little bit sickening. However, I do feel like a complete princess when I have them on eeeee.

I have discovered inthefrow. She is amazing. I love watching her tutorials. If anyone knows of volggers similar to her, please please pleeeease let me know. Especially if they’re British (only so I can actually go buy the products!)

I’ve managed to compete in 4 athletics events this year for my club – I got 2 PB’s on Saturday which I’m really chuffed about.

Weight and Bikini bod – not going good. This is the only thing in my life at the moment that is going to need a little graft. We go to Barbados (yes, another update I didn’t post) in just over 6 weeks and I am nowhere near ready on the body or the wardrobe front. If anyone wants to donate some pennies to my wardrobe fund – please feel free.

So yeah, a quicker than usual update especially with everything that has happened.

Please let me know what you guys have been up to – I haven’t even been on WordPress because I’ve been so outrageously busy!

Hope you’re all well 🙂