My Birthday Weekend / Booze Britain

So yesterday was my birthday which in comparison to the rest of my long weekend was pretty tame. Ben took me to dinner to an incredible Italian restaurant in the middle of a nearby village which I’d never heard of. The service was amazing and I funnily enough made room for all 3 courses hehe!

I best explain my wild weekend from the start. So as you know, my exam finished Friday and to celebrate I had a few glasses of prosecco and pizza, just a chilled night really. Saturday was a huge rush in the morning, the weather was up to it’s usual indecisive tricks so we made the brave decision to host our bbq, which turned out to be a great shout. Once we’d sorted everything and I could finally chill out, the booze was flowing, the bbq was lit and the rain decided to grace us with his presence – great.

It didn’t deter anyone though and by the looks of these photos, it really did not stop me enjoying myself. So yeh, this happened.



There are worse one’s, these are pretty tame. I didn’t any pictures of my friends, these were just some of Nikki’s! When it rained we had about 15 of us in our tiny living room…a call for drinking games I felt. That lovely picture of me with a pot on my head when me and Nikki decided to joust listening to Blink 182. Hilarious times….

….the hangover on Sunday, not so hilarious. So this is when I’d booked to go to the Ice Bar in London. One of my Bucket List Adventures. It did not disappoint! But to get over my hangover I had to drink through it, big error. We ended up in a karaoke bar near Stratford, missed out last train and I was pretty much nearly sick when we eventually got home.

All in all a big birthday weekend to remember, but to also reflect on. Now I’m 23 I feel like I should really reel in my drinking and up my fitness and clean eating. If anyone has any clean eating recipes for me, I’d be so greatful, or any fitness/food tips for that matter. I love a varied diet but because I’m eating clean I don’t want to have to rotate 4-5 meals and that’s it.

Anyway, best be off to stretch from my first run as a 23 year old (red sweaty mess)! Here are a few photos from The Ice Bar 🙂ImageImageImage  


Done Done Done’s!

Woop! I had my last oral exam for German today (not forever but at least until October when the term starts again), so I am on a right high. I honestly couldn’t tell you how I did, I think the presentation bit went pretty good, but surely everyone’s should be strong if they’ve all had this time to prep for it! The questions threw me at the start with my nerves! But once I got into the swing of things I relaxed but then it was over! So irritating, I think I needed that extra 5 minutes to show them what I’ve got.

But, it’s been, it’s gone, I’m done. And this is how I’m celebrating…..



Might seem pretty snore for a Friday night, but I’ve got Saturday, Sunday, Monday AND Tuesday birthday celebrations so I need to ease myself in! Especially as I haven’t been ‘smashed’ since mid April. Alcohol is gonna hit me quick tomorrow I feel.

So back to German as I can’t get it off of my mind if I’m totally honest. The final exam is weighted 50% but these are my previous assignment scores:


Surely I can't flop that bad, right?! Ahhhh. Stop. Thinking. About. Results.

So tomorrow I have N-Bomb coming down, I had planned a big bbq but classic British weather hasn’t exactly allowed for my plans to go as I’d have liked…alas this may be changed to an all-day pub crawl. I will keep you tuned for this one as I’m still praying for sunshine! Sunday is a cocktail evening in London with my girls and Monday a family event of which has yet to be unveiled.

I am really in the mood for a decent night ‘out out’ though. Am I too old for these? I feel the girls around me think that though, it’s a real shame…i’m not even 23…yet! Ahhh. This has been the first year I’ve dreaded my birthday, all down here from here I guess. Just have to take the f**k it attitude and live my life I guess.

Hope you all have wicked bank holiday weekends (Brits) although your country is now being taken over by Lib-Dem loving imbeciles!


7 Days To Go….

This time in 7 days I will be done with German….until October but I’ll forget that for a while. I love the language, don’t get me wrong but working from 8-5, cooking dinner, revising from 6-10 is getting very tedious. I’ve put Spanish on the back burner for a while but I discovered today that we only have writing assignments and exams left for that – result!

Anyway, it’s Friday, the sun is shining, I have a glass of wine in hand and I have a lot to be thankful! I’ve recently been following a blogger who I’ve stalked a teeny bit (WordPress is my only source of distraction now I’ve temporarily deleted my Facebook, desperate times guys) and she is  genuinely incredibly happy all of the time. I wish I had that mental attitude, it’s something I am definitely going to make the effort to change. It just rubs off doesn’t it! If I knew how to make a hyperlink I would send you her blog so Charlene, if you’re reading this, comment below so people can be as inspired as I am by your writing!

So some updates….
Today I went and handed in our forms to the solicitors to get the ball rolling for our house. We’re also going back tomorrow for a second viewing eeeh so excited. Our ikea shop last weekend has really got me inspired, I even downloaded old school Sims on my laptop a few weeks back to decorate the house! Sado.

I also got an invite to a friends wedding this year, the only one of 2014 it seems…nevertheless, still cannot wait! I love dressing up, making an effort and having a few bevs. I’m only 22 (23 in 11 days – bleurgh) but I feel like I never get to go out anymore, my pals just have no interest in the whole cocktail nights out thing. They’d rather go down our local pub for a cider and a couple of wines. Not that I would ever turn that down…I was even greeted at my door after a late day in the office by Ben with a glass of white wine, I’d been good the whole week, with food and my work load – how could I say no!

It’s 40 days until I go to Ireland for my first time too, another reason to be happy! And to top all of this happiness all off, my friends and I have booked something for my birthday which will mean crossing something off of The Bucket List!!! Canne wait!

Happy Friday People!!!


P.s, these were my beautiful flowers from Ben to cheer me up. There are perks to having a boyfriend!


The Politics of Facebook



Be warned: this is more of a rant than anything.

So I wake up on Saturday morning to a text from my brother, ‘why have you liked (insert my ex-boyfriend’s name)’s picture on Facebook?’ Aside from being very confused as to why he’s even questioned it, I immediately spoke to my current boyfriend about the situation who proceeded to ask the same question as I the one I was thinking – ‘why does he even care, because I don’t’.

Was he trying to catch me out? Does he really think that it’s a horrible thing to do to ‘like’ a picture of an ex?

Apart from the fact he was my boyfriend for 3 years, we are still friends and did travel part of the world together so of course I still have contact with him and luckily for me, Ben and I trust one another, which in this day and age seems to be rare.

So I text him back – ‘a) it’s none of your business what I do, b) Ben doesn’t care and c) he is still my friend’. I later discovered it was his nosy troll of a girlfriend who checks her Facebook news feed every few seconds who had relayed this insignificant piece of information to my brother in disgust, which wound me up even more. We then got into an argument about how it can be misleading if you ‘like’ an ex’s photo. Please tell me there are other sane people out there who also agree that liking a picture is not classed as a sign of infidelity and should not be a weapon used against someone to justify jealousy.

I am just gobsmacked. The picture in question was taken travelling with said ex, myself and two of our friends (who I am still really good friends with) swimming in Vietnam. How is this in anyway ‘out of line’?

It got me thinking, do people really care that much when they see a notification that someone or somebody has ‘liked’ a status or a photo of a member of the same sex as your current partner? Are people that insecure these days that they would feel upset if their partner were ‘liking’ posts that they ‘shouldn’t’? How has it managed to come to a point in life where other people now feel the need to get involved in other people’s business, when said business is enjoying others Facebook posts?

If anyone can try and make me see my brother’s view point here, I would be very grateful as I am just baffled.