4 days to go…

So I think my first bucket list adventure is about to be complete! I managed to sign up to The Silverstone Half Marathon through a charity, so I’ll be running this Sunday from 12pm, I hope you’ll all be thinking of me.

My injury has come around again but I’ve been seeing a physio, although it has put the pain at bay, it flared up again last night during my last run. I’ve decided to still partake in the race, it’ll be my first and hopefully not my last so I’m aiming to complete it, not thrash a time. I’ve put in so much hard work the last few weeks, I’m not letting it go to waste.

(Hopefully) photos to follow!


P.s I’m currently watching Eat Pray Love and it’s given me such a bout of wanderlust! And a craving for wine and pasta. Beautiful film!