It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

Well, a half!
After my injury last year 6 days before I signed up to the Silverstone Half Marathon I didn’t exercise for about 4 months and didn’t run again until October time. So I decided to take things slower, read up more about what I should be putting in and how I should be training my body.

I then get a text from an old friend who is training for the marathon but has injured himself, saying if I can get the names switched for his place on the Silverstone Half – I could have it! After getting myself excited at the thought of being able to compete, he then tells me this isn’t possible ūüė¶

So I had a last minute look on the Silverstone Half Marathon website this week and they had only charity places left; I picked one and I’m now entered! I have 4 weeks (and two days) until the event and I’m doing it for a worthy cause, The Air Ambulance for Children.

That’s one more to (hopefully – keeping everything crossed) cross off of my list! If I get injured, I am officially giving up with running! EEEEK! Wish me luck all.

A little update…

So while watching ‘Gossip Girl’, alone, on a Friday night, I’ve decided to give a small update!

Although I haven’t accomplished any of my Bucket List to date, I have made a start on them. I’m back running, I’m running 9 miles at the moment, only 4 away from my half marathon distance- but I don’t want to push it like I did last time, so I’ve got to train slower. I’m going to book my half at the end of this month, i’ll update once I’ve done it! I DID book into a 10k in the summer, it’s not even half of a half marathon but I am not one for summer running – bright red face, sweaty betty and in barely any clothes…not cool! So I need to make sure I’m staying running for my Autumn half.

So that’s one on the way.

Number two – Ben and I have booked Ireland for June, a cute cottage WITH a fire. It defeats the point going in June, but their weather is so unpredictable I wouldn’t count on no rain then anyway so we may get to use the fire!

And number three – the ‘proper’ German Christmas Market. Cologne is booked for December! So Christmassy and so me, I’m so excited! I can use my languages, indulge in German food and drinks and get into my Christmas spirit! EEEEEK!

So I may only have started 3, I am on the war path for 2 more now. Amsterdam was cancelled this week but my oldest friend is more than interested to come, perhaps this will be number 4! I’m going to have a real good hunt through the list now for number 5……¬†

It’s not that I haven’t done anything….

Although I do have one of the biggest Bucket Lists I’ve yet to see on the internet, I can’t sit and say I haven’t achieved anything! Especially as I’ve spent hours mindlessly browsing blogs and others ‘to do’ lists, I can tick some off!

As it’s the New Year and one of my resolutions is to complete a few this year, I thought I’d give myself some inspiration by looking back at things I have done in my life already.

1) Visit Cadbury World (Nov 2012) РI have just hunted everywhere for pictures from here but it was towards the end of 2012 Рapparently I did a lot in 2013 that I cannot be bothered to look that far back!


2) Go to a Midnight Cinema Viewing (Nov 2013) – I went to watch The Hunger Games¬†– Catching Fire. I’ve read the books and can say it is very accurate, I really loved it!
3) Visit Rome ( Sep 2013) – It’s one of those places that pictures don’t do it justice. It’s beautiful.

4) Ride an Elephant (June 2011) – I would upload a picture but I did this with my ex and I don’t really feel that’s267728_10150701353450099_5965611_n appropriate! Was a wicked¬† experience though, regardless.

5) Trek in the Jungle (June 2011)

6) Take a shower in a waterfall (June 2011)


7) Feed Orang-utans in Borneo (June 2011)

I did 5 and 6 in the same few days when I went to Chiang Mai travelling, it was an amazing experience.229792_10150739887845099_5118830_n
Here¬†is one of the¬†naughty Orang-utan’s I met!

8) Go on a cruise (Aug 2007) РI did mine around the Med.

9) Cuddle a Tiger (June 2011) – I know, I know this is really bad as they tiger’s are definitely not ‘fully awake’ shall we say but I really wanted to go. Plus we got to see the little baby one’s who were 100% fully awake ūüôā

10) Get a Tattoo (Dec 2009 / Oct 2011 / Dec 2012 ) – I have 3. My star sign on my wrist, roman numerals on my ribs/side and some Thai writing on my spine saying, ‘regret the things you did not do’. Fitting for this blog!

995791_10153072911120099_738376171_n  11) Have a tourist day in London ( Aug 2013) РI did this with Ben a few months ago, before I quit my job in the city. It was so much fun, you forget what is on your door step sometimes.

12) Go wine tasting (June 2013) Рit was my 22nd birthday treat from Ben, it was SUCH a good day. We ended up watching some cycling event in the city and getting absolutely battered!1016133_10152921524565099_2106761034_n

13) Go Tubing in Laos (July 2011) –¬†I went in 2011¬†just after around 20 of the buildings got ruined in the really bad floods, the worst for decades. There were 3 bars remaining which made it a bit better for us I think, they were so busy! 284094_10150725004970099_2131999_n

Here are two of my tattoos that I have pictures of, the other is pretty hidden so it doesn’t often come¬†say ‘hello’¬†for photos:


So all in all I don’t think I’ve done too bad really. I’ve been lucky enough to ski nearly every year since I was a little tot and attempted snowboarding, I’ve visited quite a lot of Europe – especially Germany (my favourite) and I’ve experienced much more than many people have at 22.

I am going to now go and re-read my first post to get some inspirations for my first Bucket List adventure of 2014!