A week of TWO much water!

As part of my effort to try and change my lifestyle a little, I’ve made myself try something new for a whole week, every week in the year of 2016. Week 1’s goal was to drink at least 2 litres of water every day. Now I know most people can meet and smash this target easily, but I really struggle. I could honestly say some days I would drink no more than 500ml, the only days I actually drunk a tad more was when I work out – not good Tay Tay!

So this has been quite a challenge for me but with very mixed results! Aside from the obvious frequent wee stops, which I’ve quite enjoyed as an excuse to leave my desk (and not in some cases when I’ve had longer commutes than normal *crosses legs*), I’ve had some interesting findings.

My body has bloated to the M-A-X. I kinda knew this might happen, it doesn’t help it has been my *ahem* lady week, but I’ve not looked so bloated for years. My skin, contrary to what I thought it would do, has broken out in big red spots. I’m presuming this is part of the detox right?

However, I have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels, to the point where I feel I can work out for longer, I’m no longer tired after my long drives and don’t want to go to bed at 8pm every weekday night. Now, this could be the fact I had nearly two weeks off over the festive period but I’m going to give the old H20 the benefit of the doubt and say that it is helping!

All in all, I think upping my water intake has been a good idea and I’m going to continue with it in the hope my skin clears up and my body decides to deflate. If I find in a month I’m still looking like a swollen balloon, I may have to reconsider. Does anyone else not hold water very well?

So this week is going to be a difficult one, no chocolate and sweets for the whole week. At the beginning of 2014 I gave up chocolate for a whole month. I had much better self-control and discipline with food back then so it wasn’t actually too difficult, but I remember how good I felt about resisting the temptations and how lovely my skin became. I know a week isn’t going to have such a profound effect but it’s a good start, right? I’ve finally eaten all of the chocolate I got given for Christmas and my period has kindly left the building so I think I got this!

In other updates, I have now signed up to the following events for this year:
London Winter 10k
Brighton Half Marathon
Cardiff Half Marathon
Leg of London Triathlon
70.3 Ironman – Weymouth
London Duathlon
Tough Mudder

It was part of my New Year’s ‘goals’ I set myself, I cashed the money I received for Christmas and Ben and I went on a rampage and decided these were all a great idea! I am really excited though, I really want a medal rack, is that sad? This year was going to be the year I physically push myself so I thought why not go all out. I’m currently praying to the injury God’s to gift me with the best health I’ve had!

Hope you’re all enjoying the New Year and finally getting back to your routines 🙂

100 Happy Days Update III

  Sooo I have been continuing with my 100 Happy Days with a huge glitches here and there but December and Christmas got away with me and I vowed I wouldn’t put pressure on myself to have to do things, especially blogging so I have a whole ton of photos to stick up.

Through the copious amounts of alcohol and general busyness, I did forget a couple times to upload but hey ho! So here is a load of pictures so you guys can see what I was up to in the last month!








Bucket List: Update (kind of)

So guys, I think it’s finally time I got round to doing this post, a post that it’s really what my blog is all about – ticking off things from my Bucket List.

On reflection of 2015, on New Year’s Eve infact, someone said to me, ‘surely you had a great year, you got married!?’ I’m sorry pal but just because I got married doesn’t mean it’s been the greatest year of all, what about the year I got engaged or the year I met Ben? In general I don’t really like New Year’s so I was a bit grumpy and replied with, ‘it wasn’t the greatest’, but when I actually looked back at my memories (by that I mean my Facebook and Instagram photos) I have actually had a pretty damn good year.

However, as I look over that list now, which I haven’t updated since maybe July, I haven’t ticked off one item (except number 79 which I’d totally forgotten – 79) Marry the love of my life – opps, sorry Ben!)

79) Marry the love of my life  



Towards the end of the year, I was really down and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Was it because of the family arguments erupting every 5 minutes? Maybe. Was it because my parents weren’t going to be around for Christmas? Maybe. Was it because I was trying to do 50 million things all at once to better myself, to prove to myself (and maybe others) I wasn’t just coasting through life? Yes. And I learnt the hard way.

Tay, you cannot burn the candle at both ends.

So it got me thinking about the things I’d like to achieve in 2016, goals which are both realistic and unrealistic and the latter of the two, how can I break these down? So I had a thought. Instead of setting myself big goals, I will give myself a goal a week to try and get myself in a place that I want to be by the end of 2016 without putting any pressure on myself.

Last year I was compiling lists of books I needed to read, lists of blog posts I needed to write but never actually getting the time to do either. I was stressing myself out at wanting to get things done then the pressure of all of this getting on top of me. I fell out with a friend and became bitter about sharing my friendship and love with others. This year, I want to break that mould. I will be leaving people who make little or no effort or bring bad negativity into my sensitive mind back in 2015!

I haven’t quite thought up my whole 52 weeks of what I want to change, I have a couple of course but again, I don’t want to commit to anything that will put pressure on me. Last year I realised I am not someone who copes well with pressure and having to tick boxes; sure, I love a to-do list but in reality my little Gemini mind likes to float and go with how I’m feeling in the moment. If I don’t want to sit and write for half an hour but instead go for a walk on my own, I’ll do it. If I don’t want to go to a see a half-hearted friend because they’re back and need to kill some time, I won’t. I want to make real effort with those who care and push away the people who cause me drama. I HATE DRAMA.

With that in mind, Week 1 of 2016 – drink at least 2 litres of water a day and try to increase this after exercising. A little goal for me as I look at my reflection in the mirror day after day and I’m not so sure what my skin needs; after hours of wasting my life googling it, water seems to be the first step! It will improve my concentration, my mood and hopefully my energy levels! I downloaded an app called My Water to help me do this which I’ve been using over Christmas and shock horror have been failing miserably to meet my 2L target. This week is about actively hydrating myself to see if I notice any difference with the physical and mental state of my body.

Bottoms up!


Being someone who is also into sport and unfortunately suffers from body dysmorphia, I of course have set myself some other physical challenges. Instead of ‘oh I want to loose X amount of weight’, I’ve signed up to The London Duathlon, 2 half marathons, the London Tri and……a Half Ironman! I know, what am I playing at? My thought process was that not only would I love to achieve completing many of these ‘races’ but on the way I will be losing belly fat, discipling myself with alcohol and food and also enjoying the sports that really give me a buzz. If I have a goal, I can’t deter as I will need to keep training. So, watch this space 😉

What are your New Year’s goals/ resolutions / plans?

Tell me about them below 🙂

Day 12 – Day 18 of Tay’s 100 Happy Days

Not missing a day this weekend following too many wines has felt good! I managed to stay relatively sober but only after falling ill on Sunday and having a whole day in bed/on the toilet!

I’m not sure why Wednesday seems to be my blog update day, I think it’s because I hit a wall with my work on a Wednesday and I have a spare few moments to gather my thoughts and reflect on my last 7 days.

Alas, here is what I have done in my last week…..

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

  Trying to hit it hard, I decided to go to a new circuits class with my bestie on Wednesday night after having my hour of boxing during my lunch hour, was I mad? Probably. Was I high on adrenaline when I got home? Definitely. I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling after working out, it sure beats the guilt after munching half a bag of doritos and drinking a bottle of wine, I can tell you that! I hate what I look like after and during exercise so there was now way I was taking any form of selfie after either class so I opted for a snap in my festive Primark leggings instead.

Thursday 3rd December 2015

  I spent a few hours after work studying on this day and you know when you have a lull in your studying and suddenly you start for 15 or so minutes and you get the learning bug back? I totally got this! So feeling very chuffed with myself after the journey back, I decided to treat myself to some Applewood cheese and a glass of Merlot. Just the perfect treat to ease myself into the weekend.

Friday 4th December 2015

  A chilled affair for a Friday, following way too much drama and stress at work, all I had to offer was a pic of my London Triathlon entry, however, if you check out my main reason for starting this blog you will see that participating in The London Triathlon actually features on there, so a nice new blog post next summer and another to tick off! I do love a list in everyday life, so having a bucket list which isn’t so easy to tick things off of,makes it ever the more satisfying when you can! Infact, I need to do a Bucketlist update looking at that page!

Saturday 5th December 2015

  Thank the Lord for my stupid body clock not allowing me a lie-in! Look at this beautiful view I woke up to. I don’t think there is any need for me to elaborate on this one.

Sunday 6th December 2015

  Sick day. Period day. All I wanted was a cuddle and some crisps – wah! So when my gorgeous husband bought me home my favourite soft drink, I felt like this was my only happy for the day to share with you guys.

Monday 7th December 2015

  So every year Ben and I have a ‘Christmas Day’ pre-Christmas to pick our tree, go for a nice lunch and to decorate the house. This is the day we had scheduled to do this, so luckily I’d woken up in a slightly better mood which soon turned to pure excitement when we arrived at our garden centre of tradition choice. Here are a few snippets of the ‘finished look’ within our home.

Tuesday 8th December 2015

  In an effort to cheer my up after my first day back of the week after having a dreadful finish on Friday, I came home to my house illuminated with these beautiful icicle lights! I’ve always wanted outside decorations, we didn’t really have much money to purchase any in previous years so I’m so happy we’ve finally invested in some which we both love. I came in and the fire was roaring and our dinner was in the oven. Perfect.

So that was my last week! Weirdly, I actually don’t have many social plans between now and the end of the year so I can’t imagine how exciting my upcoming snaps will be, unfortunately for the fitness-phobics of you, a lot may be of runs and exercise. However, I’m sure a few snaps of wine, cheese and Christmas goodies will make an entrance ;-).

How have all of your weeks’ been? Are you enjoying your festivities?

Do any of you have any fitness goals you’re going for next year?

Tay xx




100 Happy Days – Part II


Day 5 – Wednesday 25th November 2015

  Another tough day in my van *beep beep* and I came home to a beautiful wedding invitation and a save the date, both for next year! I’ve always loved weddings, but now mine is over, I think I’ll enjoy them even more. I don’t think people realise the stress and man hours that go into organising a wedding and I think especially for women, we will notice all of the little cute touches and finer details at forthcoming weddings.

Day 6 – Thursday 26th November 2015

  I didn’t want to particularly do much on this day as I knew what I was about to face in the next few days, when I say I would face, I really mean my poor liver – sorry pal. When I received this chat from an old friend, it really made me chuckle. Myself and Alice are the sorts of friends who can go months without speaking but when we see one another again, it’s like no time has passed.

Day 7 – Friday 27th November 2015

  I technically cheated on this day, I posted this in the early hours of Saturday as the evening, and the wine, got a bit too much for me! Laughter, food and drinkies with two of my favourite ladies on the whole entire earth is just what I needed after my week! My plan was to get a snap of all three of us, but for starters we have one camera shy little lady and two, we were too busy gossiping and boozing!

Day 8 – Saturday 28th November 2015

  Again, another late post, this actually got put up on Sunday as I spent the night entertaining; to be honest I am actually proud I even remembered to take a picture in my state, it’s probably why it’s so poor! I had the in-law’s over for dinner and lots and lots of wine, 5 bottles to be exact! Safe to say I did not want to move much the next day…

Day 9 – Sunday 29th November 2015

  …so we decided to go and watch The Hunger Games. I’m surprised it has taken us both so long to watch it as we normally go to the opening viewing at midnight but as it worked out Ben was working a night shift and I didn’t fancy trekking into Ipswich alone at 12am! I came out thinking what a great film it was but I am sure they changed quite a few scenes to that in the book, however it was a good few years ago that I read the series so I can’t remember all too well; good in some aspects though as I didn’t know what was coming next, except the ending of course! I think even the non-readers could’ve predicted that!

Day 10 – Monday 30th November 2015

  Due to our very inactive day previously, Ben and I decided to drive to one of the forests near us, it’s about 15 minutes away in the car, and we hit the ground running – literally! I wanted to try out my new cross country spikes and venture on a trail run, something of which I’ve always wanted to do, but again, without company I wasn’t sure it’d be all that fun. Let me tell you this….IT WAS GREAT FUN! We came back muddy, soaked and both buzzing from the adrenaline. I cannot wait to go again! During the late afternoon, I cooked my third roast of all time for my in-law’s again (they were obviously so impressed with my cooking on Saturday then just wanted more ;-)) and I smashed out a great pork roast, if I don’t say so myself 🙂

Day 11 – Tuesday 1st Decemeber 2015

  The countdown to Christmas begins…and what better way to celebrate a countdown than with chocolate, lots of it in my case! I know you might be thinking, wow two is a little steep Tay don’t you think? I actually have 5 *covers face*. I can try and explain myself, but is there any need? A girl need chocolate!!!! Anyway, I hope you’re all as excited for the festive season as I am – I’ve got my Christmas CD’s in my van, decorations around the office, all that’s left is to decorate The Crescent! I’ve tried to be proactive this year too, so I actually only have a few gifts left to purchase this year, so I’m feeling smug!

I know this is only the start but I am really enjoying taking snaps of my favourite parts of the day. Not only will they be memories to look back on but it’s a way to keep me focused. Don’t get me wrong, I have already had the thought pop into my mind of, ‘can I not just use a photo from the other day?’ I had two absolutely shocking finishes last week, both of which meant I didn’t get home any time before 7:30pm, which I know is normal for most of you, but when I leave my house at 6:20am, the office at 4:30pm and my commute should only be an hour or so….you can probably sympathise with my stress levels! All I wanted was some chocolate, but I battled through and went out of my way to find two reasons to be happy on each of those days.

I guess that’s what this challenge is all about, finding a little bit of happiness even on the darkest of days. I’m slowly learning that my life isn’t as bad as my mind sometimes makes it feel.

‘I can’t do it.’

These have been the words that have haunted me for 24 whole years. These four powerful, self-doubting words that I have muttered internally on countless occasions when trying to jump into a new project, new lifestyle, difficult exam or new start; I’m finally done with telling myself that I can’t do it. I’ve always been a negative person, I get plenty of ideas and plans that I’d love to do, I’m a Gemini after all, but I either tell myself I can’t do it or something along the lines of ,‘you’re always going to be a jack of all trades and a master of none, so why not just give up now?’

For someone who has been fortunate enough to be born into a good family, able to attend a great school and fortunately still has good health and youth on my side, there is no reason that if I put my all into something that I can’t do it.

This realisation happened a few days ago, when after speaking to my buddy Char about re-doing her 100 Happy Days along with her friend Maria, I thought perhaps if I were to be a little more positive I could slowly but surely change my life and my attitude towards the world, people and myself.

It’s no secret I have a few personal issues (later to be spoken about in either a longer blog or what I presume will be an emotional video) and I think a small step, like committing to taking 100 snaps over the next 100 days, could be the kick start I need to a positive mind.

So here it goes… here are four of my memories from the last four days.

(My Instagram: @taytay275)

Day 1 – Saturday 21st November 2015

A while back, a friend mentioned she was trying to get tickets to go and see Elf the musical, shocked that I hadn’t heard that it was even being made into a theatre production let alone coming to London, o jumped straight on the Internet the next morning and got Ben and I some of the last reasonably priced tickets. If I’m honest, I’m not the best person to ask how it went as I don’t really enjoy musicals in general, I fell asleep during Les Mis *don’t shoot me *! However, I did love the performance, how Christmasey I now feel and the excitement it bought me. But unfortunately it didn’t change my opinion on musicals. 

Day 2 – Sunday 22nd November 2015

After getting in at 1am, Ben and I were up again at 7 and on our way to Norwich where he was off to complete his first half marathon. What we weren’t aware of was the snow we were going to be greeted with on arrival! Perfect running conditions for me but poor Ben looked nervous! Nevertheless, I am a very proud wifey and he completed it in a time that smashed both of mine out of the park! 

Day 3 – Monday 23rd November 2015

After a beautiful lie-in in our hotel, we headed out into Norwich to do a bit of shopping. Other than a small meltdown on H and M it was actually very successful. We made our way back home and where we had to sort out our empty bookshelves, giving me great pleasure in doing so! We had a new carpet fitted on Friday so everything looked like a bomb site! And I got to make my new little corner where I can cosy up with a glass of wine and pick from my mini library while staring at our fire.. I think I’m a little bit in love! 

Day 4 – Tuesday 24th November 2015

Unfortunately this one is a little bit of a cop out, my first working day of the week got away with me and I forgot to take my phone in the gym with me to snap up my new 5km treadmill time! So after a vile 2 hour and 45 minute journey, coming home to a bath with these bad boys is what I needed!
So here goes, here’s to the first challenge I actually complete and to changing my life for the better.

Please check out these beautiful girls also joining me on the journey, Char and Maria !



I’ve had a really nice chilled day today, I don’t work Monday’s at the moment as I made some dealio with my Pappa that I can have Monday’s off to get my uni work done and for now it’s been allowed (shout out to my Daddy for making my life a little less stressful – woo).

So instead of me giving you a run down of my day, I thought I’d capture my day in ten photos. Here goes!





















I do my Sunday’s on a Monday.

Holidays are comin’

Now I can certainly say writing a blog post this evening hadn’t even crossed my mind, in fact it hasn’t for the last few months. Not until my friend Char, a fellow ‘blogger’, sent me a little reminder that she’s going to be writing every day in November which of course got me excited and made me wonder, can I do it this year? Writing for me lately has consisted of copious amounts of shopping and to-do lists and a scramble of French passages trying to pass as assignments, I feel I haven’t had the time for any personal writing.

The other problem is that the last couple of months have been a very big mental struggle for me. Positive thinking and myself were no longer pals and I had Dominos on my speed dial; the manager has even started to recognise me there, awks! I’ve had no real want to share with the internet as my mental health hasn’t been at all great, I’ve lost motivation for everything in life and my physical health has been a bit of a sham too. These stages come and go in life frequently, I can vouch for that, but this one has been pretty difficult for me. I’ve gained so much weight, lost some special friends and opened a few too many wounds from the past just to top it off.

I guess this is me trying to push through it, share with my internet chums the struggles I mentally go through in life, when I eventually want to open up about them. Christmas (for me this is the whole of November and December) is a time where everything should sparkle, you make more memories with your family and there seems to be a spark in the air. I cannot carry on feeling so sorry for myself in this period or the months will fly by, February will be here and I’d have wasted Winter.

So, will I be blogging for the entire month of November? Maybe not, I don’t take to pressure very well. But I feel this could be one of the many ways to help me. I feel the need to get back on track, so yesterday I took a trip into my local town of Woodbridge and instead of my normal route of shopping where I create a list of shops I want to go in, speedily carry out my shopping duties and hurry home in the fear of getting a parking ticket, I took the time to really browse the shops in my town. It was beautiful, look at the Christmas decoration I stumbled upon – how very Tay and Ben!


I was really dreading yesterday, my mum was coming up to visit for the day and evening – now I don’t think I’ve ever touched on my relationship with her, but it has been very, let’s say, volatile ever since I can remember. I can’t fault her in many ways of how she raised four children, bloody hell I couldn’t manage four brats, three of which were active little boys followed by a Tom Boy, but her parenting in many aspects was very questionable. Granted it’s nowhere near as hideous as some very unfortunate children in this world, but certain events, words and actions leave scars and unfortunately I don’t think I can ever forgive some things. When I moved out, she tried to make a real effort to repair our relationship, it’s taken time and we do get along so much better now but there is some bitterness always lingering, she can’t notice it because she’s often so wrapped up in her own life to take notice, but I feel it all the time.

So I caved when she kept asking for a date to come and visit which was booked for a while for this weekend; we had a glass of Prosecco, a quick lunch and browsed the shops. To be honest it was actually a great day, it took my mind off of many things, I got to really see what Woodbridge has to offer and more importantly it got me in the Christmas mood. After her leaving this morning, a yoga/stretching/meditation session, I’ve realised if I don’t try and think positively, nothing is going to change. I’m going to keep putting on some timber, feeling miserable and pushing my husband further away.

So here goes, dare I say it, roll on Christmas and bring old Tay back!

Bucket List Adventures Rises From The Deadru

Woah…a post!!?? Say whaaaat?

This blog hasn’t been touched in months because…I GOT MARRIED! On Saturday 20th June this year I married my best friends and now, gorgeous husband. It was the greatest day of my life and I hope that my health allows me to keep my memories of this day until I pass. It was a beautiful day, with lots of tears, smiles and fizzy beverages (of course 😉 ).

Here is my new husband and I on the big day…


I had the most magical of days, I honestly felt like a princess! Every time I think about the day I get butterflies. I literally wouldn’t change a thing (except some of the bridesmaids….that is for another story). I can honestly say I love this boy with all of my heart and I hope to be drinking Merlot with him in our back garden at 75, bitching about the people this world is ruined by and adoring the beautiful nature that the world has given us.

Anyway, soppiness over. Lets get to my other updates.

1) I saw Death Cab for Cutie two weeks before the wedding – 
honestly, it felt amazing to be there, to be among people who enjoy the same music and same ambience as you do when listening to them. There is something in the music that makes the listeners just captivated and calm. I guess I’ve been to too many Blink 182 gigs with moshing teenagers and this was just a lovely eye opener that people can enjoy music the adult way.

2) I stayed in an extravagant hotel – for our ‘mini moon’, Ben and I jetted off to Venice. Those of you who don’t know about Venice, it’s a tiny, what I would call Island, off of Italy. Of course it is still bursting with all of Italy’s iconic plus points; great food, gorgeous specimens, relaxed way of life and beautiful, beautiful drink but is also home to some insane architecture. I had huge high hopes for Venice and I wasn’t let down. I guess we could’ve gone for a shorter trip, the ‘island’ was a lot smaller than I’d hoped but as we were there to finally chill out, it was perfect for long evening strolls, extended dinners with a little too much prosecco and way too much pizza. I picked a hotel that had a hot-tub on the roof and on arrival they gave us cake and the fizzy good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it but Ben and I are happy to slum it in hostels and cheap hotels for city breaks, but this was on another level. I’m glad we blew our budget for this trip.


3) Whilst in Venice, we took a Gondala ride – much to mine and my tight arse husband’s back pocket, we took an 80 Euro Gondala ride. We are both pretty good with our money in general but I think were both reluctant to get on one. It was a good one to cross off the list, but being taken down the stinky back alleys of Venice wasn’t a great way to spend 80 euros in 30 minutes! I guess I’m glad I’ve done it, but a boat tour we took for much less money, which lasted around 2-3 hours, around all of Venice was much better value for money and also allowed you to see the glorious, imposing buildings that ancient Venice had to offer. Honestly, I wouldn’t do it again but I guess it was on my bucket list and ‘when in Rome’ n all that!

So it’s not a huge life update, I’ve done other stuff in between. Like eat 1000x more calories than I should, went on my pal’s crazy hen do to Ibiza, done a load more work on the house, reinvented my attitude towards my degree, which was slowly diminishing in the last few months of 2014. I feel like I’m back, with the time and the positive attitude that I need for this blog. I have a lot of ideas but I’m not sure quite just yet what to do with them. Youtube, WordPress or just a little notebook in my handbag, but somewhere I’ll be able to find a release for my thoughts.

I hope you’re all doing well and if you want a full post on my wedding, let me know in the comments! I didn’t want to bombard you with photos as to me they’re really special but to others they’re just a random lass on the internet’s wedding pictures.


Running Goals and Races

For many of my readers this post will be pretty boring as it includes what it says on the tin – running. So please feel free to stop reading now. Those of you with an interest in fitness, running and my life in general, please feel free to keep enjoying my awful English 🙂

This post is not only for me to mentally organise my years’ races and events but also to write down some of my goals on the internet so I have a way of tracking and following them. Aside from when the summer Athletics leagues open and consequently my weekends being consumed with The Power of 10 and texting my running bud Kayleigh a lot, I have actually signed myself up to what I’m hoping are going to be some successful events.

[1] Silverstone Half Marathon
This is going to be my first half of 2015 and my chance to try and beat my time from last year. I would be lying if I’d be gutted if I don’t. I was recovering from injury last year and I was just trying to ‘get round’. This time I want to at least beat that time!

[2] Reading Half Marathon
I stupidly signed up to this in excitement of my running bug without realising it was a week after Silverstone, however, I should be fit enough to be able to at least run it. I need to give my body a shock into realising I will be running these distances often if I have any chance of completing the below..

[3] 100 Miles
April 2015
This is something I’ve seen on many blogs that I follow; the challenge is to run 100 miles in a month. Now I could try and attempt that before in my weeks of training, however if I don’t, I’m giving myself April – June to do this, any later than that I will just die in the heat.

[4] Will of Iron
May 2015
As you can see, this is basically the challenge which I attempt last year to complete Iron Man distances over a week. You can pick any 7 consecutive days in May but you cannot stop/ take a day out and you must complete and track all of your miles. I think I’ll enjoy this one as I loved it last time I attempted it.

[5] Trail Blazer
This falls on the weekend of Ben’s stag do – perfect timing for me to keep my mind off of him being led astray haha! I’m looking forward to it because it’s a different event, however it’ll be in the peak of the warm season so hopefully my body will allow me to run 10k!

[6] Race for Life
Just another big event I wanted to sign up to really as the atmosphere at these are incredible. I also want to see if I can beat my time 3 years on, although we did have the advantage of the event being moved due to extremely high temperatures that year! If I don’t, I won’t beat myself up about it. This is normally a race I can rope my pals into doing with me as it’s a big charity event.

[7] Royal Parks Half (TBC)
This one I’ve wanted to run for about 2 years now but it’s so popular I can never get a place! I’m in the ballot, so fingers crossed for me everyone 🙂

[8] New York Marathon (TBC)
This one was set on a whim/peer pressure from my brother. Of course I know I mentally should be able to run a marathon but physically I am nowhere near. I am seeing a lot of my friends at my club currently training for their marathons this Spring and I am a little envious but also glad I only have 3-4 runs a week and not 5, including distances such as 20 miles – vom. I was attracted to this one as a) it’s a pretty famous one b) it’ll be in cold temperatures where my body will excel and c) I could get a potential cheeky holiday out of it! However, again, I know how hard this is to get into!

There are other races I’m currently eyeing up, but I’m waiting to see how my running goes post-skiing and after my two March halves!

Other Goals
– Cross training – this, along with the following two ‘goals’ are more of an attempt to try and incorporate them into my training schedule. Anywhere will tell you that all three of these activities will aid recovery and fitness!
– Yoga
– Abs Strengthening

As I have learnt in the past 3-4 months especially, it is great to have goals but they shouldn’t have time restraints on them if it’s me setting them! I feel cornered and boxed in when I feel I have a deadline, whereas when I am able to move at my own pace I normally beat the target anyways. So I have the following hopes to improve my times but I am putting no pressure on myself to achieve them.

25mins and then 22mins
Current PB: 28.40 (treadmill)

55mins and then 52 mins
Current PB: 58 mins (Race for Life 2012)

6 miles
55 mins and then 50 mins
Current PB: 57 mins (training)

10 miles
90 mins and then 85 mins
Current PB: Not set

Half Marathon (13.1miles)
115 mins and then 110 mins
Current PB: 119mins (Silverstone Half Marathon 2014)

Obviously, if I manage to smash any of these, I’ll add a little update to my blog, but I’m not going to focus too much on them as they’re hopefully going to be gradual milestones that’ll happen as I get fitter and fitter.

My only issue I have floating around with all of my training and running at the moment is that the affiliation process starts soon. As you know I moved county and so it would make logistical sense to change my club but I am a very loyal person and I’d hate to let my team down. My current club aren’t the strongest in the league, whereas my potential new club are coming 1st / 2nd in the league – also meaning I’d be competing against my old team mates. You can have a ‘1st’ and ‘2nd’ club, but I’m pretty sure my potential new club wouldn’t take kindly to coming in second place. Any suggestions anyone? Moving would be a great way to make new friends in the area but would also mean potentially losing the one’s at my old club. HELP.